Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Molested at the Pool

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Molested at the Pool 
By Alocer Loki (


I watched her swimming, in her tiny bathing suit, that 
while much more covering than the tiny bikinis the 
older girls wore still left little to the imagination. 
I must have stood in the water just staring at her for 
more than an hour. I couldn't help it, the mere sight 
of her made me as stiff as a rock. (Mg, ped, nc, rp, 
v, sn)


She was tiny about six with an adorable cute body only 
helped by her plump rounded face. Her wet hair was 
pasted to her head but looked to be light brown in 
colour if turned darker by the water it hung no more 
than an inch above her shoulders, she had these 
beautiful grey-blue eyes that flashed in the light. 
Quite beautiful.

She swam out by herself breaking away from her friends 
and climbed up the side and started towards, the 
changing rooms. I leant back so that I could see that 
cute little bum wobble for the longest time before she 
disappeared through the middle door. That surprised me 
somewhat what the hell would an obviously very healthy 
little girl be doing in the disabled toilets?

My curiosity got the better of me and I climbed out to 
follow her. I entered the toilet and checked to see if 
anybody was about. It was empty, and I had expected it 
to be there hadn't been anybody in the pool that'd 
looked as if they'd need these facilities.

I could hear the little girl humming softly and then 
the quiet trickle of urine into the water. I noticed a 
mop in a bucket stood against one wall. I took it and 
jammed it between the door and the wall. Nobody would 
be able to get in without some effort.

Sat on the side of the bucket was an old filthy rag. I 
picket it up and rung as much of the liquid out as I 
could and waited.

The toilet flushed and the door unlocked and my little 
honey stepped out, she took one look at me and blushed 
deep red, "Oh," she said.

I clicked my tongue and tried to look annoyed, which is 
kinda hard when your cock is pressed hard against your 
shorts, "What are you doing in here little girl?" I 

"Oh sorry sir, its just there is lots of people in the 
ladies," she mumbled.

I sighed, "I am fed up of people thinking they can use 
this when they want," I said, "It is very naughty, I 
could get into deep trouble for letting people in 

"Do you work here sir?" she asked.

"Yes I do," I said, I didn't of course, "I am... an 
inspector I make sure that all the people behave 
themselves. You little girl are the only person I've 
needed to tell off. I am afraid you are going to have 
to be punished."

"Oh no!" moaned the girl, "Please don't punish me, I 
said sorry."

I walked to the girl and crouched in front of her, I 
put my hand on her arm and squeezed, the girl glanced 
at me and lowered her head, "I am really sorry I didn't 
know," she said.

I released her arm and ran my hand down it until I 
reached her leg. I moved my hand behind her and 
squeezed that lovely bum I'd spent the last hour 
watching wobble.

The little girl shifted and I released it, "What is 
your name?" I asked.

"Katie sir, I am really sorry sir," she said.

I lifted the rag and smiled, "How old are you Katie?" I 

"Six sir," she said.

"Can I tell you a little secrete?" 

"If you want to sir," said Katie.

"I don't work here, I am a child molester do you know 
what that means?" 

The child frowned, "No sir what is it?"

I smiled and put my arm around her shoulders, "Well 
darling girl what it means is that I like small girls 
like you so much that I have to rape them."

The girl shook her head, "What's that mean?" she asked.

"Well if you open your mouth really wide I'll show you, 
don't worry pet it is nothing bad."

"I shouldn't do that," said Katie, "You are a stranger 
and my mummy says that I shouldn't talk to do you."

"Open it," I snapped.

The girl froze she tried to take a step back but I kept 
hold of her, she opened her mouth. I quickly shoved the 
rag inside. As soon as she realised what I was doing 
Katie let out a scream thankfully all that made its way 
around the gag was a low whine.

I pushed the girl to the floor pinning her under my 
weight. I used one hand to keep the rag in place, while 
I used the other to tear her bathing suit from her 
chest. She tried to push me off but I ignored her 
futile attempts to struggle. And concentrated on her 
lovely flesh. I pinched her nipples with roughly 
twisting them to get her to scream. 

I pushed myself up straddling her legs but still leant 
over her with my hand clasped over her mouth. I pulled 
the remains of her swimming suit from her body. God she 
really was beautiful I gazed at her tiny hairless cunt 
my cock was so hard I thought it would tear its way 
from my shorts to get into her. 

I didn't let it get that far and pulled my cock from 
its prison I rubbed the head against her snatch 
wondering if I'd be able to get inside her. Probably 
not with out doing some damage but then what did I care 

I gathered some saliva in my mouth and reached up to 
spit it onto my fingers. I rubbed it into her cunt and 
over my cock, now she was ready for a fuck.

I pressed my cock inside her until I reached her hymen. 
I grinned at her and her and drove through. The 
desperation and pain in the little girl's eyes was 
driving me crazy and I started to fuck her as hard as 
her tight cunt would allow. Each stroke was made easier 
as the blood lubricated the hole. Each time I forced 
myself further and further into her cunt. I wasn't 
going to let in until this slut took it all, no matter 
what damage it did to her.

I only hoped my cock wouldn't let in before I attained 
that goal. I kept thrusting deep inside her thrusting 
in and out of her cervix plunging my cock into her 
undeveloped womb. I could feel my balls tightening and 
I knew it was either now or never I gave one last 
thrust as hard as I could forcing the full eight inches 
of my cock inside her. I pumped her full of cum, once 
my cock started I didn't think it would ever stop. I 
collapsed onto her my hand releasing her mouth. Luckily 
the girl had stopped struggling and she just lay there 
crying weakly. I smiled and got up.

I made a quick exit from the swimming pool wondering 
how long it would be before they found her. Oh well it 
was about time I skipped town anyway.


The author does not condone child abuse, this story is
meant as an erotic fantasy not real life. Anyone acting
out such scenarios in "real life" can look forward to
many unproductive years getting it up the butt by a 
fellow convict in their local prison.
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