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A Psychopath and His Toys, Ch 14

WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to read this type of literature, or if you are under age, please leave now.

A Psychopath and His Toy's, Chapter 14,
Alocer Loki 2002

Paul sighed and ran his hands over the Beth's dead body, smearing the blood across her motionless frame. The nine-year-old girl was still a great fuck... Hanna started to scream again and Paul looked up. Dead or alive, nothing was as good as the six-year old slave slut Hanna. Anne was dragging the poor little girl towards Paul. The little bitch had just seen her sister murdered, it was only natural that she didn't want to be anywhere near Paul.

Quite frankly, Paul couldn't have cared any less about what was natural for this child; what he cared about was how loud he could make her scream. "Get her up here," he said patting Beth's stomach.

"No!" screamed Hanna. "Let me go... No!"

Anne picked the little girl up and carried her over to Paul. The six-year-old slut kicked and screamed; her feet buffeted against Anne's stomach. About half the way across the room Anne finally lost her temper and dropped Hanna onto the floor. "You fucking little bitch," the doctor shouted and gave Hanna a hefty kick of her own, the pointed toe of her shoe hitting the naked child in the stomach.

Hanna gasped for air but had no time to scream before Anne grabbed hold of the child's hair and pulled her up. The woman closed her fist and stuck the poor kiddie-whore on the jaw, and then pushed the child across the room and into Paul's waiting hands.

Paul wasn't about to let Anne have all of the fun. Cupping her chin, he turned turned her face into the light so that that he could see the bruise rising on the child's cheek. A grin crossed his lips and he pulled his arm back. The blow knocked the little girl back several feet and she collapsed onto the floor, the blood from her now broken nose formed a small puddle under her cheek.

Anne kicked the child in the ribs, obviously pleased when Hanna grunted with pain; so she did it again. Squatting down beside the child she lifted Hanna's head up by the hair, and then slapped her across her undamaged cheek. "Look at me," Anne snapped.

Hanna's blue eyes slowly moved until they focused onto the doctor. Anne's lips spread into the grin and she chuckled to herself. The woman gathered the phlegm in her mouth, and spat into the child's eyes. "She's fine," she said. "Just a little shaken."

"Get her up here," said Paul running his hands over the child's dead sister.

Anne picked Hanna up, carried the child over to Paul, and laid the little girl out over her dead sisters body. The man pulled her legs down so that she was laid flat. Anne took hold of Hanna's arms and pulled them until they were rested about level with her head; both of which now rested on Beth's chest.

"Okay pin her down," said Paul.

Anne acted quickly enough not to allow Hanna any time to come out of her dazed state and realise just what was going on. She took a skewer from the bench and drove it through the child's right wrist and deep into Beth's chest. As the point pierced her skin, Hanna went ridged and screamed. Her small body started to convulse and it took both adults to keep her still. It was several minutes before the violent, and sexy spasms passed. Hanna lay gazing up at Anne, watching helplessly as the woman took the second skewer and drove it through her other wrist. Again Hanna went into panic and her body wriggled, moved and convulsed; much to the delight of the onlookers.

Paul rubbed his hand into the child's cunt, he himself wasn't quite up to fucking this child yet, but he was more than in the mood for a little agony on her part. He was more than in the mood to kill the little bitch. "Go get me the wire brush," he told Anne.

Anne raised an eyebrow. "Are you planning on killing her also?" she asked.

Paul slapped the woman across the face, "Yes," he spat. "Now go and get the fucking brush... Wait a second, while you are at it, get me the razor blades, and something I can burn her with; one of the gas burners."

Anne rubbed her cheek and nodded, "Yes Sir," she muttered and left.

Paul stopped, and then stuck his head out of the door. "Get a fucking whip as well," he shouted at Anne. "The big one."

Paul turned back to Hanna. The small child was barely conscious, and her breathing came in short gasps as she stared space-wards. Paul caressed little girls naked body, knowing that this was the last time he would do it. This little cunt had out lived her use, and now it was time for her to die.

Paul's heart quickened, and his cock jerked awake; raising almost back to stiff just on the thought of killing Hanna. The fact that little Beth lay dead under the tiny whore was of little consequence now. The man leant down and kissed Hanna on the forehead, his hands trailed down her body lingering over the burnt scars that had once been her nipples, and then pushed his fingers deep into her well fucked six-year-old cunt.

Paul lent up and spat down onto her face, wishing, not for the first time, that he had a new child to play with, a new innocent little child-whore whom he could abuse. Someone he was able to humiliate. A a blank canvas he could paint on.

Still Hanna had one last use. Paul glanced up at the video cameras mounted at the corners of the room, might as well give the cameras something to occupy their time. He chuckled and turned back to the little girl, her broken nose, and bruised cheek were a nice site. Linking his hands together into one big fist, Paul slammed it down into Hanna's stomach. The child jerked upwards and cried out. Paul chuckled to himself and did it again.

When the door opened Paul turned his attention to Anne, carrying the equipment in her arms. "Is this it?" she asked.

Paul nodded. "Come here and wake the little slut up. I don't give a fuck what you give her, but if she passes out, or dies you are in deep shit," he said.

Anne sighed, and went for her bag. As she past Paul he took the burner from the woman. The burner was nothing much more than that, it created a flame which was extremely hard to extinguish, but was nowhere near as harsh as the blowtorch. He turned the knob on the top and hit the spark button; the flame jumped from the nozzle. Paul turned to Hanna, just as Anne pulled the needle from the vein in her neck.

Paul watched as the child began to shake violently.

"Don't worry," said Anne. "She's waking up, feeling the pain now. You might stop her heart, but she is young, and as long as you don't decide to electrocute this one, she should live long enough for you to kill her."

"No I wasn't thinking of electrocuting her," he said grabbing hold of Hanna's left ankle.

The child suddenly went calm and her chest rose and fell rapidly, she blinked a number of times,  before screaming. "No! Don't burn me please sir I'll be good."

Paul was impressed. He placed the flame against the sole of the child's food and was amazed at the strength of her scream. "Stop it! Stop it..." the little girl yelled.

She pulled hard at her leg trying to free it from Paul's grip so that she could get it away from the pain. Anne moved to the child's head forced a rag into her mouth, and stuck it down with a length of duct tape. "I've got a fucking headache," muttered the woman and she smacked Hanna across the face with her fist.

The woman picked up one of the skewers from off of the floor, placed it against Hanna's cheek, and pushed hard enough to cause blood to dribble from around the point; it drooled down Hanna's cheek. She looked up at Paul and raised an eyebrow.

The man shrugged.

A smile formed across Anne's lips, and the woman applied more pressure onto the skewer. The skin of Hanna's cheek formed a concave before it broke. Anne gasped as Hanna cried into her gag. Blood poured from the hole, it dripped onto the dead Beth's chest. It flowed from her to puddle on the table, finally it dripped from that surface and onto the floor. Anne put her hand on the other side of Hanna's head and and pushed it onto the skewer. She grunted at the effort it took to forced the sharp metal object through the cloth that filled Hanna's mouth.

Paul looked at the black charred parts of Hanna's foot and dropped it. He grabbed her other ankle and applied the flame to the foot.

It took more than a minute before Anne moved her hand from Hanna's cheek to watch it convex out. The skin suddenly split and the point fell through. The blood now poured from both sides of Hanna's face.

Anne took a step back, obviously she was satisfied. The smell of burning flesh brought Paul's attention back to what he was doing. He looked down at Hanna's small foot, it was cracked and wrinkled from the heat. He sighed and dropped it. There were always better places to burn a child anyway.

The man pulled apart Hanna's legs and rubbed his hand into her cunt. It was hot and sticky, but not hot enough. He chuckled to himself and placed the flame against the sensitive pink skin. Choking on blood, and saliva the child went into a fit.

Paul kept the flame in place even as Anne pulled the rags out of the child's mouth, tearing them from around the skewer and then turned her head on it's side allowing the blood to flow from it.  She was forced to hold it there while Paul held the flame to the little girl's cunt.

Hanna's spasms were so violent that she managed to pull the skewer, which was buried through her right wrist, from Beth's chest. Two seconds later the other one came out.  Paul cursed, switched off the flame, and  helped Anne hold the child still. The woman pushed two fingers into Hanna's mouth and took hold of the skewer. She pulled upwards hard and the child froze. The skin stretched around the skewer. Paul could see Hanna's mouth trying to close, and could hear her molars clicking against the skewer. Paul shoved the child off of the table and she fell to the floor. Anne's arm dropped with her.

The doctor kicked the small child, and pulled her up using the skewer. Hanna had no choice other than to stand. She screamed as her burned feet touched the floor, but it was a choice between that, or having her cheeks ripped apart.

Paul moved up behind the child and grabbed her. Anne let go of the skewer and Paul threw the child over the table, backside up.

Anne quickly clipped Hanna's dog collar to an eyebolt screwed into the side of the table, and then pulled her feet to the floor where they were attached with cuffs to the legs of the table.

Paul picked up the whip from the corner of the room, where Anne had placed it. He turned to the quivering, and suffering six-year-old girl that was secured before him. Paul licked his dry lips and chuckled to himself. This beautiful little girl was capable of brining out the most brutal in people. Paul let the platted leather whip uncoil trailing the tip on the floor. With a grunt he pulled it around and lashed it across Hanna's back.

The whip landed with a crack, and a scream from Hanna filled the room. Had it not been padded to limit the effect of such screams, it would have been resounding. The whip sung as it flew through the air for the second time. The blow landed on the little girl's fat little arse. The skin split under where the leather struck, and blood spilled from the wound. It trailed down Hanna's skinny little legs, and it was those legs that received the next blow.

Paul soon lost count of how many times the whip rose fell, and cracked across Hanna's smooth white skin. Her back, legs, and arse were however soon littered with deep red cuts, and long purple  welts. The blood seeped from these wounds adding to the ever increasing volume of the puddle that had formed around the base of the hydraulic rack.

Paul rubbed his aching arm. The whipping had taken most of the fight out of little Hanna, and amazingly the little slut was awake, or perhaps not quite so amazing considering she was full to the brim with drugs.

Anne stood rubbing her cunt into Hanna's tearful and distorted face. She took great pleasure in the child's suffering. As Paul looked up at her she grinned and handed the man the wire brush, which she had placed on the side of the bench.

Paul took the brush from the woman and looked down on  Hanna's tortured little arse.  With one hand he pulled apart Hanna's cheeks, to take a look at her bruised little hole. It was a pretty sight. Especially the way it now quivered at the prospect of what as to come. Paul pushed a finger deep inside of the little girl, savouring the tightness of the tiny little hole. After a few moments he pulled his finger out and replaced it with his cock. Driving deep into the child several times, listening to her moan, and whimper in pain.

The man pulled himself from the tight little hole, and then rubbed the wire brush up against it. Hanna cried out with pain and she wriggled around, perhaps trying to get away from the thing that was prickling her arse. Paul had to laugh at her futile attempts. He giggled and held the brush against the hole for more than a minute before he pushed it inside.

Paul could feel it tear at the soft skin of her colon. Blood poured from the hole around the brush and washed down Hanna's legs. Perfect. Paul put his hand onto Hanna's hot pussy. The man massaged the blood into her small, and tight cunt. He then twisted the brush around before pushing it deep into the child's arse; leaving only a small portion of the handle sticking out of the ravaged hole.

Paul stroked his cock, smearing Hanna's blood along the shaft; enjoying the warm and slick feel of it. It felt better than any oil. Anne had hold of the little girls head. The Doctor had it held up by her hair, and was slapping the child's small face with the back of her hand. Blood splashed from the the little girl's mouth with each blow, much of it staining Anne's naked body, though the majority sprayed the floor.

After several blows the woman seemed to become frustrated with Hanna's response and her hand curled into a fist. The bitch thumped her knuckles against the poor child's face, always careful not to hit the skewer that was buried through the little girls cheeks.

Anne finally got board of it and threw Hanna's head down, the child's jaw cracked audibly against the bench. "Come here slut," said Paul.

Walking around the bench, Anne approached her cousin; the man held up his hands, still thickly coated in blood, and pressed them against Anne's large tits. The woman made a soft moan, and pressed in against Paul rubbing her cunt up against his leg. Paul kneaded Anne's breasts, giving them a glossy red veneer. The woman reached down, took hold of Paul's stiff cock and rubbed it against the small child's cunt. "Do you want me to stick it in there sir?" she asked.

Paul couldn't help but snigger at the remark. "Of course I do bitch," he said.

Anne pressed the blood smeared cock into the child's, equally bloodstained, cut. She inserted him only a few inches before the man took over thrust deep inside of the child. He pulled back a few inches and then pushed back in. Paul gasped as his cock traversed the child's cervix and  buried deep into her womb.

Anne took a step back and ran a finger across her tits and then across her lips giving them a new red coating. The doctor pushed out her tongue and ran it over the blood taking it into her mouth. "Can I nail her down?" she asked.

Paul was fucking into the child with long slow leisurely strokes. "Ah," he gasped. "That will be so good. Don't kill her, just pin her onto her dead sister."

Anne grinned like a schoolgirl and grabbed the skewers from the floor. Paul was confidant that she know where to put the skewers and keep the slut alive, but, when the woman pulled the first one out and literally stabbed it down through the little girl's left side, he momentarily became worried that the Doctor was becoming overzealous. However, as the woman drove the skewer down deep into Bethy's belly, Paul realised that only a thick lump of Hanna's flesh had been victim to the skewer. Anne rammed the second one through the other side of  Hanna's body in much the same fashion, and then two through her shoulders. Hanna screamed as much as was possible, for a ravaged six-year-old with a broken jaw, in shock and suffering from concussion.

Paul was in heaven. The feeling around his cock was nothing short of divine. The man sped up his momentum, fucking in and out of the little girl ever harder.

Anne, however, slowed down after the shoulders, the next pins went down near the first two, she pushed them through the child's sides and into Hanna's dead elder sister's belly. The last two went in through the centre of the Hanna's back, on either side of her spine. The doctor took those two the slowest, pushing them down until they bust out of Hanna's chest and, again, into the little girls sister.

It wasn't long, despite cumming several times already that day, before Paul felt his balls tighten and spunk rise in his cock. With a gasp Paul forced himself to stop. He waited inside the child groaning as the constantly twitching muscles of her tiny cunt massaged his cock. It felt good, but was just subtle enough to allow the his cock to calm down, and back to a state where there was no real chance of the man squirting his cum into the girl. Paul sighed and pulled his cock from the tiny child's tight cunt.

Paul took a few steps back, although he wasn't a doctor, he had experience in these matters, and knew that Hanna wouldn't last much longer before she died of either shock, or blood loss. The latter was the most probable, considering the drugs that Anne had pumped into the child.

There was, however, plenty of time to have a little more fun before the kid died, and that was what the razor blades were for. Paul opened the tub and rested it the bench beside Beth; the square box bringing the blood up around it. Paul put his fingers into the pot and lifted out one of the blades; he held it up turning it to see the difference in the light as it glimmered on the, almost impossibly, sharp blade. He pressed one corner against Hanna's smooth back; he pressed it hard waiting until the blood formed a thin line around the blade. Paul licked his lips, his mouth was dry from the excitement, and he breathed heavily. Slowly he drew the blade down Hanna's back opening a long deep gash. He opened the wound almost four inches before he stopped, and pressed the blade deep into the child's soft skin.

Paul groaned, that had felt good. He reached into the pot and lifted out a second blade. He opened the second wound parallel to the first and pressed the blade in when it was next to the first. The third was the longest, Paul opened a long deep cut across Hanna's back; it crossed both of the previous cuts and the blade was pressed in until it lodged itself against one of the child's ribs.

Paul laughed and slapped Hanna's arse getting, rather predictably, no response whatsoever from the crying little girl. "Help me turn her over," he said to Anne.

Anne unlocked Hanna's collar while Paul unfastened the cuffs from her ankles. The two adults took hold of the little girl and lifted her; tearing the skewers from Beth's body. They flipped the child over and pulled her around so that she was laying flat over her sister her head resting just under the dead girls chin.

Hanna's eyes were barely open now; they stayed locked in one place, and it was hard to tell whether she was even conscious. Her breathing came slowly, it wheezed from her lungs and she would whimper and cry every few moment, the only indication she now gave to show that she was still with them.

Paul lifted another razor blade from the pot and pressed it into the centre of the little girl's flat breast. She gave a gasp as it was pressed in through the scar-tissue that had once been her nipple. Paul pulled the blade downwards cutting through the child's nipple. He went an inch and then twisted the blade to cut around it.

Once he had travelled the full circumference of the child's tit he pressed the blade in and, leaving a tiny bit sticking out. He took another blade and did the same to the other side.

Anne pressed her fingers against Hanna's neck to checked the little girl's pulse, and then pulled her eye lids open. "She's not got long," she warned Paul.

Paul pressed the blade into the child's chest and nodded. "We'd better be quick then," he said. "Grab her under the arms. We're taking her across the hall."

Anne glared up at Paul. "You bastard," she muttered and lifted the child.

Paul grinned and lifted her legs, As the girl slumped back against Anne the woman gasped loudly. "Oh fuck," she cried. Blood started to trail down the woman's body, and Paul knew that it wasn't all Hanna's.

They carried the child quickly out of the room and across the hall. The room on the other side was relatively bare; in the centre of the room two bars, somewhat resembling curtain rails, stretched the length of the ceiling. What hung from them however in no way resembled a curtain; long thick chrome chains, ending with large menacing meat hooks hung still in the room. The walls and floor had several large brown stains. Long dried blood. The light in this room had taken on a dim flicker and the man made a mental note to have it changed before he used this room again.

Paul dropped the child's feet and Anne screamed. Her head fell down and she sobbed into Hanna's blond hair. Paul chucked and pushed the woman into the centre of the room, listening to her little yelps as she moved. "Oh god," cried the Doctor.

Paul grabbed one of the hooks and pulled it along the rail. "Hold her still," he said and then shoved it through the child's shoulder.

He was quick to draw the second one along and push it through the other side. Once that was done Anne let go of Hanna and hugged her stomach. The deep cuts, caused by the razor blades protruding from Hanna's back, looked quite nasty. Paul sniggered and dragged along two more hooks. "Don't just stand there like a fucking tart give me a hand," he shouted.

Anne swore under her breath and then approached the wall to drag a third pair of hooks to the little girl.

Paul put his arm around Hanna's stomach and lifted her off of the ground. Anne, pushed the hooks through the child's hips and finally through her legs. The skin and muscle contorted under the little girl's weight. Paul took a step back, it looked like a scene from a horror flick.

Paul brushed the thought from his mind and grabbed hold of Hanna's hair. Pulling open her broken jaw was an easy task, as was shoving his fat cock deep inside of the child's throat. It felt great. Paul grabbed the child's hair and fucked hard against her face.

Even in her exhausted state the child's muscles began to contract and spasm as the life ebbed from her small frame. She lasted only moments... and, fuck, did Paul feel good. He fucked the child's throat hard, even when it became clear that she was dead it was great. Paul himself lasted a lot longer.

His deep and hard fuck of the dead little girls throat was heavenly. "Oh god!" he cried as the muscles in his own stomach contracted; it felt like his balls were trying to implode. He pulled from the dead child's mouth, and sprayed her face with thick white globs of sperm.

"... please, whoever you are, whatever you want just let my little girls go," the man sobbed. Flashes from the cameras flickered throughout the room and the broadcast was cut.

"The father of the three missing girls, and dead Laura Hafbur made that heart felt plea today. Calling upon whomever has three daughters to turn themselves in..."

"The police made comment today that there was very little evidence left at the scene of the crime, although it is believed that Andrew Fennin, the boyfriend of the missing Alice, and known local drug pusher, may have caused the trouble when he escaped a jail sentence by informing on several big time drug dealers."

"The police today commented that this was the most likely route and that they had put Andrew into protective custody."

Paul pressed the button on the remote and smiled. Drug related, he couldn't have been happier had they decided to drop the investigation all together. He reached to the phone and dialled the number he had memorised. The receiver lifted and a male voice blabbered away in Russian."

"Speak English," muttered Paul.

"Ahh Paul, I hear the news, is good no?"

"Very, good. Have you transferred the money?"

"Ahh yes, all the money in the account, you have tapes?"

"They are being shipped at this moment," he said.

"Good Paul, can't wait to see this ones. Girls are very beautiful no? Selling them should make a fortune. Remember anything you need you just ask."

Paul chuckled and put the phone down.


The wind blew the trees but even that was exhaustingly hot. Hot, sticky and exhausting, nothing else could be used to describe the short English summers. Summers like this were always short lived, it was hardly fair that Tammy was going to miss this one. The baby kicked and she slowed her walk and placed her hand on her bloated belly. Little Kim pressed her face into Tammy's arm and yawned. "When can we stop?" moaned the little girl.

Tammy smiled down at her little sister, "Soon, we are almost there."

All this moving around was no life for a fifteen-year-old mother to be, and it was especially hard on the four-year-old girl that she had to drag around with her. She wished it could stop, but it couldn't. She was too young, she had no family, and they had threatened to take Kim away from her, and her baby. That couldn't happen.

What else could she do...

The teenager sighed led Kim into the shade of a large warehouse, she had met somebody. He was nice, and had said that she could stay with him.

He was a pervert, Tammy smiled, she didn't care. She could live with sleeping with a dirty old man for a few years, if it meant that she and Kim, her sister, were safe. Besides he couldn't be any worse than her Father... no Barry was a loving man; he would care for them even if there was a price.

"Come on," said Tammy.

The two of them started again. It was a Sunday and this part of town was all but deserted. The tall industrial building were a grim sight, and, if not for the few trees, the whole place would look barren. It was okay though... the estate was on the other side, few people lived there these days, and that was good.

"Excuse me?" called a voice behind her.

Tammy's heart quickened. They couldn't have found her, nobody knew where she was. The teen turned around and calmed down when she saw the man there. He was shorter than her own five foot eleven, and quite fat. An old, and worn leather jacket hung from his shoulders and he had a rather charming smile. "Sorry to startle you," he said.

"What can I do for you?" asked Tammy.

"Well now that is a good question," he said. The man reached into his pocket and took out a pistol.

Tammy's breathing became erratic and she shuddered. "Please we don't have anything," she blubbered. "I don't have any money, I don't even have a fucking home."

Tears sprung from her eyes and streamed down her face. Kim was whining beside her, the little girl knew little more than how terrified her sister was.

The man shrugged. "Don't need money anyway," his smile turned into a smirk. "What do you have."

"Oh god," moaned Tammy. Creeps had wanted to fuck her while she was still an innocent teenager. And now perverts were knocking at her door. "Please, just don't hurt my sister... I'll do anything."

"Well, you see that," the man pointed to a plain white truck not fifty yards away. "Go and get into that," he said.

"I can't leave Kim," she said.

"I meant the both of you," said the man with an almost impossible calmness about him. That made Tammy feel even worse.

"Don't hurt us," sobbed Tammy.

The man moved quickly and suddenly. Before Tammy even realised what was going on he had Kim in his arms. The child screamed and he clamped his hand over her mouth. Putting the gun into his pocket he ran his hand up the toddlers dress and into her knickers. Tammy gasped.

"Don't move," spat the man. "I'll break her fucking neck."

Tammy nodded.

"Go open the back of that truck," he said. "It is unlocked, bend over back of it take your knickers off and throw them inside lift your dress. I am going to fuck your arse, has anyone done that before."

The teen shook her head.

"Good," said the man. "Just so you know, I am Paul, but you can call me Sir, or Master, you choose. I am kidnapping the both of you. I suggest you comply because I have killed children before and I will do it again. Snapping this little beauties neck will give me such an erection as would cutting the baby from your belly. Do you want that?"

"N-no sir," sobbed Tammy.

Paul's smile returned. "I see we are going to get along just fine. Now go and do what you were told."

"Y-yes sir," cried the pregnant teen and she waddled across towards the van.

Paul chuckled. "New toys at last," he said.

A Psychopath and His Toys, Ch 13

WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to read this type of literature, or if you are under age, please leave now.

  A Psychopath and His Toys Chapter 13

  Alocer Loki 2002

Hanna's eyes opened a crack and she stared out of the tiny cage... where was Beth? The thought brought her fully awake, and the little girl sat up crossed her legs. Her bum really hurt and her cunny was sore, her tummy felt all queasy, and the thought of Sir putting his willy inside her again only made it worse.

Hanna wanted Alice, but Alice was gone, sir had killed her like he had killed mummy. It wasn't fair; nobody made Hanna feel good like Alice. Hanna wanted to feel her tongue again. Beth was okay but not the same as Alice, though Hanna hadn't felt Beth's tongue so she didn't know whether she was better or not. Hanna put her hand down between her legs, and began to rub. Not hard because her fanny was very sore, but enough to send the tingly waves through her belly and her cunny. It was the only thing that took her mind off of Alice and Mummy...

Hanna stopped rubbing and lowered her head. She couldn't even remember what Mummy or Daddy looked like. Daddy had a bald head, and a moustache and Mummy had hair like Hanna's but that was all that the little girl could remember. She couldn't remember their faces. Every time she thought about Mummy all she could see was Sir with a big knife, and lots of blood.

All she could remember of Daddy was that he had smacked her bum that morning because she said a rude word. It wasn't fair she had only repeated what he said to her.

Hanna closed her eyes and started to hum a tune. Her hand began to grind into her cunt again. She stopped thinking and just let the jolts of pleasure ripple though her.

Hanna heard the door open but she didn't want to stop when it felt so good, but she opened her eyes and saw Sir looking at her; Hanna stopped. He smiled at her and Hanna shrank down trying to make herself even smaller. Seeing sir happy was never good. "Oh you filthy little cum sack, I do love to see you playing with your cunt. Do it harder, spread your legs more."

"Y-yes sir," squeaked Hanna.

She began to press down harder on her little cunny, it hurt more but it also made it feel a little better. Hanna shifted so that she could spread her legs even wider than they already were. The little girl began to moan as she rubbed her hand against her cunt. She closed her eyes making herself forget that Sir was there watching her be so dirty. "Open your eyes Fuck Toy," said Sir.

"Oh," moaned Hanna as she opened her eyes again.

Sir had his cock in his hand and was rubbing on it, Hanna felt like crying, she knew that he was going to put it inside her now that it was all big and hard. Hanna didn't want it back inside her, she hurt too much, why wouldn't he just leave her alone. "Oh yes whore," said Sir. "I am going to fuck you hard. Do you want to suck me?"

"Oh sir," said Hanna. "Please leave me alone."

Sir's smile faded though he didn't stop rubbing his cock. Hanna hesitated and her hand stopped moving. "No," she gasped. "Please don't hurt me."

"It's too late," said Sir his smile returning. "I'm gonna make you scream."

"No!" screamed Hanna. "Go away."

Sir lent down and opened the cage door, "Get out here and suck my cock," he said.

Hanna stared at the man for a few seconds before she rocked forwards onto her hands and knees and crawled from the cage. She looked up at the man towering above her; his large cock was poking out just above her head. Taking a deep breath Hanna looked up and moved her head until the cock was resting over her face. He opened her mouth and began to lick on the long stiff shaft.

Sir began to laugh. Hanna could feel his hand on the back of her neck; it was all she could do not to pull away then. She could feel his fingers passing through her blond hair. Hanna screwed her eyes up tight and braced herself for the pain that she knew was coming.

Sir took hold of her hair, and Hanna let out a sob, her mind raced. Images fluttered before her of all the times Sir had hurt her... It was all too much for the six year old girl, and the child tried to pull back. That is when Sir's grip tightened. Hanna could barely muster a scream before she was roughly pulled upwards. For a few moments her feet were pulled free from the floor, it felt like he was trying to pull her hair from her scalp.

Hanna did all she could, she screamed.

She opened her eyes just in time to see the first blow, if only a fraction of a second before his hand struck her face. The knock stopped the screaming. Hanna pulled in a deep breath ready to scream again, but she didn't get the chance before the hand stuck her again, and then again. Hanna lost count. She lost all sense of presence, all sense of time. The world spun around her in a myriad of colours. Then went black.

Paul dropped the child, the small body lay sprawled out in front of him, blood seeped from her nose and ran down her cheek, finally dripping onto the floor; it really was attractive. Paul nudged the child with his foot and Hanna groaned she rolled to her left and curled up into a ball, sobbing profusely. "Get the fuck up," snorted Paul, and he nudged her harder.

"Ahhhahhaha," was all that came from Hanna.

Paul kicked the child, "GET UP," he roared.

Hanna rolled further over desperately she clawed at the floor in front of her, perhaps trying to get away from him, though without succeeding. Paul leant over and retook the child's dirty tangled hair. He pulled her little body upright and with his free hand forced the child to look at him. Her dreamy eyes locked onto his face for only a second before closing. Tears streamed down the poor child's face, mixing with the blood from her nose and mouth. Paul let go of her hair and took hold of her face with both of his hands. He used his fingers to pry the child's mouth open. "When I said suck my cock, I meant suck," he said.

The man pushed his stiff cock into the little girl's mouth. Hanna choked as the cock pushed into her throat, she tried to pull away again but Paul's hands kept her in place. The man pushed in harder then stopped, letting himself enjoy the spasms of little Hanna's throat. He gently stroked the poor child's cheek. "Oh, poor baby," he said. "You have to do what you are told you know that."

Carefully Paul smoothed out Hanna's hair; he smiled down on the poor crying child, choking on his cock. Her beautiful face was rapidly turning a dark shade of purple but still the sensations pulsating though his cock from her contracting throat were too good for Paul to let her off yet.

He pushed in a little further down her tight throat. It felt so good around his cock. The poor child was suffocating at his hands. Paul wanted to push in harder to watch this poor little child die on his cock but not yet. He pulled out of her mouth and let go of her head. The little girl slumped to the floor and continued to cry.

She was so beautiful. Such a sweet sexy little girl. Her baby cunt, burned and damaged as it was, called out for him to fuck. Her little chest rose and fell rapidly as she sobbed at his feet. Her nipples were now just dark scars, where both of them had suffered severe burning. She looked like a child, which had been ravaged and raped. She was everything that Paul desired at that moment.

He crouched down beside her small broken frame and scooped the child into his arms. Standing back up he held her close to him, placing small kisses on her face. Kissing the tears from her eyes. "Come on Honey," he whispered. "Lets go get you cleaned up."

Paul carried the small child out of the holding room, up the stairs and out of the cellar. From there he carried her up a further flight of stairs and into the bathroom. He sat the sobbing child down onto the toilet and smiled at her. "Do you want a bath fuck bunny?"

Hanna shook her head.

"Aww, why not?" asked Paul.

"Cause your gonna hurt me," mumbled Hanna. "I just want you to go away."

"Well baby cunt," said Paul. "I'm going to give you a bath anyway, and because you can't be a good little girl I have to punish you."

Hanna closed her eyes and burst into tears, it really looked so very sexy. Paul placed his hand on her leg and leant down over the child to kiss her again, sucking on her tiny little face. He stayed there enjoying this little girl's taste for several moments before he stood up and turned to the bath. Placing the plug in the hole, he started to run the water. "How about a little blow job while we wait?" asked Paul.

Hanna looked up at her owner for a few seconds before slipping from the toilet seat onto her knees in front of the man. "Don't hit me please," she whispered.

Paul smiled and reached forwards to wipe the tears from little Hanna's eyes. "I've got an even better idea," said Paul. "Why don't you lick my arse instead?"

Hanna's head dropped to her chest and the six-year-old girl began to sob again. Paul chucked as he stroked her hair. "What was that?" he asked.

"Yes sir," mumbled Hanna.

Paul grinned at the little child, and turned his back on her. "I want you to get your little tongue right up inside there," he said.

Paul laughed as Hanna's little tongue began to tickle is arse crack. He shifted and leant over a little to allow the little child better access. Her hands held onto both of his buttocks and pulled them apart. Paul pushed back on her as Hanna buried her small face into his arse; the way her little tongue pushed inside his arsehole was nothing short of amazing.

Paul groaned and put his hand into the bath to test the water and quickly pulled it back out. The water was scalding hot, not so hot that it would seriously burn but hot enough for it to hurt like hell, just perfect for this little cunt. Paul watched the water slowly rise in the bath while grinding his arse back on Hanna's face, enjoying the feeling of her tongue as it searched out his arse.

It was almost a shame when the bath filled; Paul sighed and turned off the taps. "Okay honey, you can stop now," he said.

Hanna pulled her head from his arse and sat back on her knees. Paul turned and smiled at the little slut. She looked so sweet knelt there staring up at him with those sad blue eyes. Her damaged body was what appealed to Paul the most. Or rather the fact that every mark had been made by him. "Time for your bath," he said.

The man leant over and took hold of Hanna under her arms and lifted the child from the floor. He turned around and held the child over the steaming water. As he lowered her feet into the water. The child gasped and pulled them up. "Too hot," she cried. "Please stop its too hot."

"Stop wriggling," spat Paul. "Do you want me to drop you?"

Hanna froze. "No," she squeaked.

"It's not too hot," said Paul. "It's just right."

Paul began to lower the child again. Little Hanna desperate not to be lowered into the burning water lifted her legs pulling them up to her chest. However this only delayed the inevitable and Paul finally lowered her little body into the water.

The six-year-old child began to scream as her body was encompassed by the hot water. Sexy though they were, Paul quickly grew board of the child's incessant shrieks and putting his hand on her head he pushed her small body under the water. Hanna thrashed around splashing water all over the bathroom floor. Paul closed his fist taking hold of her hair and pulled her out from the water. "It isn't that hot," he spat at her, and dunked her back under. Again, the six-year-old child thrashed around and, again, she spilt water over the side of the bath, creating a large puddle on the lino floor.

Paul pulled the child's head from under the water and delivered a vicious back hand slap to her cheek before pushing her back under. Hanna's struggles began to waver as she ran short of air and energy. The thought of drowning Hanna now appealed to Paul but he had something far more painful planned for this beautiful sex-toy and didn't want to ruin it by killing the girl too soon. With a sigh he pulled her head back out of the water and let go. Almost as an after thought he gave her another hard slap to the cheek. Hanna fell back against the water but with nowhere else to go she just sat there gasping in air and staring up at Paul. "If you would only learn to be a good girl," he muttered.

"I'm sorry sir," blubbered Hanna.

Paul licked his lips, she was such a turn on it was an effort not to jump in with her and rape the small child. Paul took a bottle of shower gel from the rack and squirted some onto a sponge picked up from the side of the bath. He smiled at Hanna and began to clean her small body.

Paul spent several minutes washing small Hanna and rinsing her off before he lifted her out of the bath and stood her on the floor. He took a towel and rubbed her dry, then threw it onto the floor to soak up the mess that Hanna had made. Hanna stared down at the puddle on the floor with obvious concern. "Are you going to hurt me," she asked. "I'm sorry I didn't meant to make your floor wet," she quickly added.

Paul couldn't help but smile. "I'm going to hurt you bad. You've been such a bad girl since I brought you up here," he said.

Hanna fell onto her bum; the child began to tremble and cried. "Oh please don't," she mumbled. "I hurt so bad."

"I know," said Paul.

The man reached down and took hold of Hanna by the dog collar around her throat and lifted her to her feet. Without any other choice the little girl followed Paul out of the bathroom and down the hallway and into the bedroom.

Paul let go of the child and locked the door up behind him, then turned to watch Hanna make her way gingerly towards the bed and perch herself on the edge. Paul went to the cupboard took out a leather strap; measuring around two inches wide, an inch thick and a foot long. A dozen long thin nails had been pushed through one half of the strap. Paul fingered the sharp points, his cock, already stiff, jerked at the thought of the damage this strap would do to Hanna's cunt.

Paul handed the child the strap and waited for her reaction. Hanna stared at the nails for a long time, and began to shake. "Oh," she breathed. "Please don't hit me with that PLEASE sir."

Paul licked his lips. "I'm going to whip your little cunt with it," he said.

"Oh no," cried Hanna.

The child began to squirm on the bed, Paul knew that she wanted to get up and run away but also knew that she knew there was nowhere to go and that, if she dared move, it would only make it worse on her.

Paul loved seeing such conflict in one so small. It was nothing short of sexy. The man returned to the cupboard and took out a set of hand cuffs, and a long, light blue, rope. "I want you to lay down with your bum here," said Paul patting the end of the bed.

Hanna looked up at Paul for a moment before shaking her head. "Please don't hit me," she said in a tiny voice.

Paul frowned. "Come now fuck toy," he said. "You know that won't do any good. Now get here."

Hanna let out a little moan but she climbed onto the bed and laid down with her arse just hanging off the end of the bed. Paul climbed up and leant over Hanna's body crushing the small child beneath him. Hanna's breathing became struggled, but the little girl said nothing. Paul licked at the small girls face, Hanna opened her mouth a little to allow Paul to push his tongue inside.

Paul pulled his tongue from the child's sweet mouth and took one of the pairs of handcuffs, which he locked onto Hanna's right hand. The man then pulled her arm down under the bed and locked the cuffs onto a ring fixed there for this purpose. After locking the child's other hand to the bed Paul got off of the little girl to admire the marks of his art. This child's body was almost completely worn out. The cuts, scars and burns that littered her body were extremely sexy but Paul longed for an innocent little child again. Hanna had almost outlived her purpose.

The man reached down and spread Hanna's legs wide, her knees were bent allowing her feet to sit on the end of the bed, upturning her cunt just perfectly for the beating she would receive. Paul used the rope to bind her feet in this position, and then tied her knees open leaving the six-year-old cunt splayed for him.

Paul picked up the strap from the side of the bed and slowly ran it over Hanna's cunt, listening to her small moans and the sharp points of the nails scraped over her sensitive skin. "Please sir," sobbed Hanna.

Paul smiled and raised his hand only to bring the strap down on her cunt with all his might. The tiny body jerked and Hanna let out a scream. Paul sighed at the sound of it. Even that wasn't as good as it had been the day he had brought her in, mostly due to the damage all the screaming, yelling and crying had done to her throat. Even if it wasn't as good as it had been it was still one of the most sexy sounds that Paul had ever heard. The sight of the small punctures on the little girl's cunt, slowly seeping blood, only helped to increase Paul's arousal.

Paul hit the little cunt again with the strap. Delighted to see even more blood flow from the tiny holes on her cunny. The blood filled her tiny crack making it look dark red in colour. Paul looked up at Hanna's face; the tears were streaming down the sweet little girls face. Paul couldn't help himself. His eyes locked back onto the child's small bloody cunt, and he began to flog it. Time after time his hand rose and fell, lashing the child's cunt. The nails scratched, punctured and tore at her skin making the blood flow ever freely. It dribbled down from her cunt and soaked into the sheets of Paul's bed.

When Paul finally stopped Hanna's cunt was a mess, the fat lips and her smooth thighs were streaked with the dark red blood that seeped from the small puncture wounds and tears, which littered the small child's pussy. It was nothing short of perfect, Paul licked his lips; he could no longer resist the lures of this child. He moved up to her and placed his stiff cock at the opening of her immature cunt. Paul pushed forwards, despite how many times he had done this during the last few days, this girl's cunt still remained brilliantly tight; it just felt so good pushing his cock into this six-year-old girl's body.

Hanna's face, still streaked with tears, screwed up as Paul pushed his way inside her little cunt. The lower half of her body wriggles the faction of an inch that her bonds allowed in a desperate attempt to avoid being fucked again. It did little more than help to excite Paul even move, causing the man to push hard into Hanna's womb.

Paul groaned. "Oh fuck kid," he sighed. "You have got to be the best fuck I've ever had."

As Paul built up a rhythm he leant over the child and started to kiss her. He laid kisses all over Hanna's beautiful face. After a few minutes Paul gave Hanna one last kiss before leaning up and just enjoying the ride. It took only a few minutes past that point before he grunted and came inside the child's cunt. Paul almost collapsed onto Hanna but stopped himself from doing so and just looked at the small crying child.

With a smile Paul untied the little slut and dragged her up onto the bed where he locked one of her hands to the top of it. Paul yawned and turned out the light before climbing onto the bed next to small Hanna and pulling the duvet over the both of them.

The man rolled over and took the sobbing six-year-old into his arms and kissed her neck, softly sucking on her perfect skin, as he allowed her quiet sobs soothe him to sleep.

The incessant ringing of the telephone interrupted a dream that could only be described as strange, though Paul found the memory of it fade with sleep, not that it mattered. Paul rubbed his eyes and picked up the receiver. "Hello?" he asked.

Hanna moaned beside him and rolled over, without even thinking Paul put his hand down to cover the little child's mouth. "Hi Paul it's me," answered the voice on the other end.

Paul relaxed and let go of Hanna's head, "This had better be good Anne," he muttered.

"Becky was up all night, crying and snivelling, to be quite frank I'm kind of pissed off," said the doctor. "I was wondering if you wanted a hand, what are you planning on today?"

"I am going to kill Beth today," said Paul. "Why aren't you taking it out on Becky?"

"NO!" cried Hanna. "Don't kill Beth."

Paul struck the crying child across the face with the back of his hand leaving her huddled on the bed crying her little eyes out.

"I did," said Anne. "Is that Hanna?"

"Yes," said Paul. "Look if you want to help, come over, bring your needles, and we'll see if we can liven Bethy up a little first."

"I'll be there in two minutes," said Anne.

With that Paul put the phone down and shook his head, it wasn't all that long ago that Anne would go faint at the mere thought of killing one of them. Paul yawned; there was enough time for a shower and some breakfast before they got started.

Paul waited impatiently watching Anne do her work, while Hanna busily sucked on his cock. The child was constantly looking up at him from where she was knelt, tears were streaming from her eyes but she made very little sound. She knew she was here to watch her sister die, of course Hanna was still innocent enough not to realise exactly what death was but she had seen it done to mummy and she knew that she didn't want it done to anyone else.

Despite the fact that she didn't want to be there, Hanna was also an obedient little slut and knew, very well, that she had to do what she was told. She was knelt sucking on Paul's cock with two fingers of one hand fucking her cunt and two on the other fucking her arse. It was quite a sight and the mere discomforted look on Hanna's little face was getting Paul off to no end.

Beth started to scream again.

Paul looked up but was forced to slap Hanna's face when she turned to look as well. After the slap she went back to sucking and Paul hit her again just to be spiteful.

Beth was shaking violently as the electricity raked her small body. Anne stood back looking rather proud of her self as poor Beth endured the painful electric blast. The box was set now on a much higher rating than it had the night before, causing the child almost intolerable pain, Anne knew what she was doing, for the most part, and knew how much this child could take without running too much risk of stopping her heart. The electrical blast lasted the customary few seconds before cutting off again.

Anne switched off the device and approached the exhausted child. She ran her hands over the girl's sweat soaked body, pulling the electrical clips from her ruined nipples. The dark red spots which had once been her nipples started to drip with blood as the clips were taken away.

Despite being awake the child looked no better, she hung slumped against the post standing in a pool of her own piss, shit and vomit. The smell was quite distasteful, and in itself rather off putting, but just seeing Beth smeared in her own filth was enough for Paul to put up with the stench and enjoy himself. Besides it promised to be fun watching these three whores clean it all up.

Anne pushed a needle into the child's arm and depressed the plunger; injecting whatever drug it was in the syringe. The effects were almost instant Beth's head came up and her eyes went wide, her pupils dilated giving her a rather absent look but it was obvious that she was aware.

"Beth," said Paul.

The child's head jerked and her eyes locked onto the man. It took her a couple of moments to focus on him but when she did the child panicked. She sucked in a breath and attempted to scream but the high pitched whistle that came from her throat was evidence of how much damage continuous screaming could do.

Unable to scream, the child flew into a fit. Her body thrashed around as much as the bonds would allow. Her skinny legs kicked around, spreading the filth that covered them across the floor.

Anne grabbed hold of the child's hair and gave the nine-year-old slut a slap on the face. "Stop that," she spat and she hit her again.

Beth, rather remarkably, responded to the order and stopped kicking, though her head fell onto her chest and she and she cried; it was quite sexy. Paul reached down, took hold of Hanna's blonde hair and pulled her off of his cock. He turned her head up so that she could look up at his face. "Look at all of the mess that your sister has made," he said and pulled Hanna's head around so that she could see the mess that was spread across the floor. "Do you know what I want?"

Hanna swallowed audibly and whispered. "You want me to eat all of the poo."

Paul smiled at Hanna and stroked her cheek, "That's right honey," he said, "but not all of it. I want you to feed Bethy some also; I want you to kiss it into her mouth."

"Oh," said Hanna.

"Will you do that for me?" asked Paul.

"Y-yes sir," murmured the six-year-old beauty.

Paul let go of Hanna's head and leant down to kiss her forehead. "Go on then," he said.

Hanna shuffled around until she had her back to Paul, and then dropped over onto her hands and knees. The child hesitated for a second before crawling forwards. She opened her mouth and put it over a small lump of shit and sucked it from the ground. There was a low moan as the child lifted up her head and swallowed the filth.

Paul smiled and leant back against the wall to watch the show being played out in front of him. He watched as little Hanna lapped the shit, piss and vomit from the floor. Every so often she would stop to retch and cough, although she never brought up any of the disgusting mixture.

Paul looked up at Anne, the doctor was smiling down a the little one, this woman was every bit as perverted as Paul, she just hated to admit it. They had both been teenagers when Paul first took control of her. Anne, had had almost everything done to her, and that had twisted her. Paul had an idea; a smile crept to his lips. "Hanna honey," he said.

The child took her face from the floor and looked up at Paul; shit clung to her face around her chin and cheeks. "Y-yes sir?" she asked.

"Go give Anne, a nice big wet kiss," he said.

Anne glared at Paul, who smiled back. "Now be a good cunt, and let Hanna give you a kiss," said Paul.

Hanna crawled across the floor to Anne. The woman dropped her head, sighed, and then got down onto her knees. Hanna stood up and leant over and pressed her lips against Anne's face. A groan came from the doctor and she grasped onto the back of Hanna's head, opening her mouth to let the child's tongue slip inside.

Paul chuckled and stroked his cock. He let them work at the kiss for almost five minutes. "That's enough now Hanna," he said. "I want you to feed Bethy the shit with your mouth now okay?"

Anne let go of the child's head, Hanna fell backwards onto her arse and looked up at Paul, the child was rather breathless and flushed, which made Paul suspect that she actually enjoyed kissing Anne.

After wiping her mouth with the back of her hand the child climbed back onto her hands and knees and licked up a mouthful of the shit mixture, and then stood up and approached her elder sister. Beth kept her mouth closed and turned her head away from Hanna. Anne reacted by grabbing the nine-year-old slut's hair and pulling her head around and then used her hands to pry Beth's jaw open to allow Hanna to spit the shit inside.

For good measure Anne then forced the child's mouth shut and blocked her nose until the little girl had swallowed her meal.

Paul watched while Hanna cleaned the floor in this way. Licking up the filth and feeding it into her elder sister's mouth, often Anne had to force Beth to eat what she was given, even though each time she did it Beth received several slaps to her face.

It took quite a while but eventually Hanna had cleaned the whole floor of the disgusting filth that Beth had deposited there. Paul pulled himself upright. "Right, Anne you take Hanna and get yourselves cleaned up," he said. "I'm going to take Bethy to the rack."

Anne raised an eyebrow. "Okay," she said finally. She leant down to take Hanna's hand and led the little girl from the room.

Beth's breathing came in short gasps as the hydraulics eased her legs further apart than they had ever been before, further apart than they had ever been designed to go. Simultaneously another set of hydraulic pumps pulled out her arms over her head, stretching the joints until they left the child agonisingly stretched out on this contraption.

Anne waited in the background stroking on Hanna's hair while the child licked away at the doctors cunt little gasp and slurps came from Hanna's mouth as she worked away with rapid earnest. Anne was certainly enjoying herself; the woman was nearly as short of breath as Beth was. Paul turned his attention to the child pulled out before him. Her scared and burnt skin was tight and ready for Paul to begin his work on the child once again.

He took the knife and ran the blade across her skin just below her ruined nipple opening a small incision. The cut filled with red, it seeped out ran down the child's side pooling on the table below her. Paul leant over and put his lips to the cut and sucked at the blood savouring the sweet, coppery taste as it filled his mouth. He vaguely became aware of Anne stood by him her hands ran over Beth's body searching and needle was pushed into her chest, just within Paul's line of sight.

Paul stood up and wiped the blood from his chin, to watch as Anne pushed a second needle deep into the child's chest. Beth squealed and Paul chuckled and took a pin of his own, which he pushed into her stomach. It was incredibly tempting to turn this slut into a pin cushion, however Paul had bigger things in mind.

Reaching under the bench Paul retrieved a long, metal box. He set it down on the table and opened the lid causing the light to flash blue off of the galvanised steel. From the box he took a nine-inch long iron skewer. The metal was twisted giving the sharp pointed object an almost screw like look. Paul pressed the sharp tip into Beth's tiny belly button.

Paul could almost hear Anne cringe. A grin expanded across Paul's face, and he pushed down. The child's skin resisted for a number of seconds, but it really had no choice but to give in. Beth, already in constant unbearable agony, squealed again. More of a rasp than a squeal, but a squeal nonetheless.

The muscles in her small pre-pubescent body contracted constantly, rippling under the smooth pale skin of this dark haired child. If not for the straps this little girl would have been thrashing around without control.

Blood started to flow up from her belly button pooling in the centre of her stomach. Paul giggled to himself and pushed in further. It felt so good to push the steel spike through this child. Paul sighed and released the skewer, it was buried most of the way into the little girl, almost certainly having done irreversible, or even fatal damage to the little girls insides. "Let's get her up tighter," he told Anne.

The doctor went to the laptop plugged into the rack and pressed the enter key. The hydraulics moved almost instantly stretching out little Beth. It pulled her arms out above her head, and her legs apart. They were already too wide. Beth did all that she could, scream. Her damaged vocals didn't allow for much of anything, and the hiss that left her mouth would have past for a cough before a scream, but Paul knew better. Paul nodded to Anne when the child's legs were pulled to an obtuse angle to her body. It looked very unhealthy with her legs curling up towards her body. The balls of the sockets could be seen jutting out against the flesh near her tiny cunt.

It was such a pretty little cunt as well. Paul couldn't help himself; he always liked to have one last fuck before he killed a child. He reached down and rubbed his hand into the little cunt rubbing hard against the child's exposed clitoris. He pushed his finger inside of the child's tight little pussy probing the soft warm insides.

Paul took his finger out of her and pinched on her gorgeous little clit, kneading it with his fingers, listening to the little sounds of pleasure coming from Beth. Paul tried to remember how many times he had pushed pins through this little bud. He couldn't but that hardly mattered. "Give me the knife," said Paul.

Anne passed the man a short but sharp knife; Paul pressed the point against the child's clit and pushed it hard enough to cut into the skin. The little girls body shook with pain, only a light tremble due to how she was restrained but it shook nonetheless.

Paul cut around the small bud and finally poked the knife under it to tear it from Beth's body, it was a tiny piece of flesh but it looked so pretty. Using his other hand Paul rubbed the blood into Beth's cunt to lubricate it before he pressed his cock against the small hole and pushed it straight into her tiny womb. Paul dropped the tiny lump that had once been Beth's clitoris onto her face then looked up to Anne. "Kill the little whore," he said and started to fuck the child as hard as he could.

Anne licked her lips and approached holding several of the skewers. Paul grunted and pressed in harder as Anne placed a point against the centre of the child's left wrist and pushed it through. As the metal traversed its way though Beth's wrist the muscles of her cunt contracted, squeezing Paul's cock tighter, causing the man to groan.

Anne, preceded to push a second skewer through the nine-year-old girl's other wrist, then, a third deep into her chest. As it sank deeper though her ribs, Beth started to cough, bubbling blood, this then flowed out of her mouth and down her chin. The child's breaths came in tiny wheezing breaths now; it was obvious that she was unable to catch her breath. Anne was quick to remedy the problem, taking her belt she looped it around Beth's neck and pulled it tight cutting off all air.

Beth's face took a dull purple colour, and her small body jerked with even more force than it had been doing. Paul gasped he could feel his desire boiling over. A wide grin spread across his lips, he reached down the child's chest and pulled the skewer from her punctured lung. "Die you fucking whore," he spat, stabbed the child's chest.

Ripping it out once again he brought the sharp point down at her face, tearing open her cheek. Up again and down this time through her shoulder. Then her other lung, and finally straight into the centre of her chest.

Beth shuddered for some remaining seconds before her body went completely limp; the blood seeped from her mouth and the many puncture wounds. Paul pushed the skewer further in through the child's heart then took hold of her waist and began to fuck her again.

He pushed in and out of the dead child for several minutes before filling her womb with cum one last time.


A Psychopath and His Toys, Ch 12

WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to read this type of literature, or if you are under age, please leave now.

Chapter 12

by Alocer Loki 2002

Locked in each others arms, the two girls huddled in the rear of the cage, trembling with fear and pain.  The silence was frightening. Only Hanna's quiet sobs and the constant drone of the extractor fan disturbed the silence of the plain, padded room.  Hanna's head dropped against her sister's shoulder as the child finally succumbed to her exhaustion and fell asleep.  Beth, however, showed no sign of getting tired.  The dark-haired nine-year-old girl just sat there staring endlessly into space.

Paul wasn't bothered about Beth's state.  Anne had given the little slut child something so the shock wouldn't kill her.  He yawned and turned off the cameras.  He really had to get his mind back on work.  It was just that the thought of two preteen fuck toys locked in his cellar was far too appealing to ignore.  Paul stood up and stretched.  He glanced at the clock in the corner of his computer monitor.  It was nearly three in the morning.  Paul shook his head. He was exhausted but still buzzing with the exhilaration of killing Alice earlier that evening.  Now he felt almost sorry that he had let Anne take Becky back with her.

Becky hadn't taken well to the murder.  Not well at all.  It was the first time she had witnessed one.  She'd get used to it in time and,  even if she didn't, it was really of no consequence to Paul.  It was nice to have the pretty teen around and she would eventually replace Anne.

Paul turned back to the computer and switched the cameras on again to take a look at the little cunts in their cage.  Beth had lain Hanna down at the rear of the cage and was stroking the tiny preteen's blond hair, taking up the position left by the eldest girl's untimely demise.

Hanna's tiny scarred body was fun to abuse but as time went on she was becoming more and more used-looking.  Her six-year-old body was littered with deep, nasty cuts and scars and, despite Anne's best efforts, she was quickly out-living her usefulness.

Beth, on the other hand, was still relatively well off.  The nine year old had been spared most of the brutal use endured by both of her sisters.  He watched as the little girl shifted to the front of the cage to stare out through the bars.  She was trying to pry away at the chicken wire.  Alice might very well have been able to get the cage open.  It only required lifting the latches in the two corners.  Beth had little chance of escape even if she open the cage since the cell's iron door would not budge for anyone.  Still, one had to admire this little cunt's spirit.

The child deserved to be punished for trying to escape.  As Paul watched her long slender fingers poke through the wire, a smirk crossed his lips.  He had promised her that he was going to cut them off and he always lived up to such promises.  He stroked his rigid cock whilst speculating about what he could do to this little girl.  Thinking about it was sometimes more fun than actually doing it.  Switching off the computer he headed, with a yawn, towards the cellar, his head flooded with brutal and nasty tortures that he needed this little cunt to suffer.

Paul opened the cellar, stepped in, locked the door behind him and headed down to the holding cell.  He slotted the key in the lock and pushed open the door just fast enough to see Beth scramble back to the rear of the cage.   "Are you being a bad girl?" he tutted.

"No Sir," said Beth.  Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.

"I think you're trying to break my cage.  Trying to run away from me."

Tears started to form in Beth's dark little eyes.  "Oh please Sir," she moaned, "let us go...pl...please don't kill us."

"YOU Bethy," shouted Paul.  "I'm here to hurt YOU.  Hanna is a good little whore.  I have to kill you, JUST YOU."

"Oh no PLEASE," sobbed Beth.

"Don't kill Beth, please Sir," moaned Hanna sitting up and rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

Paul smiled at the tiny child with the white bandages and patches wrapped around and stuck to her small body, hiding the unsightly scars and burns.  "It's okay honey," he said.  "I'll come back and see you in the morning."

"Sir," choked Hanna, sobbing.

Paul turned to Beth. "I won't kill you," he said. "I promise... but you need to be a good girl for your owner."

"I-I'll be good... I ...please I promise... don't kill me," sobbed Beth.

"I will hurt you a lot," said Paul.  "You've been a bad girl. I need to hurt you badly for that."

"Oh, please don't hurt me Sir," cried Beth.

"Then I'll have to kill you."

"Nooooooo!" cried Beth.  "I want you to ask me to hurt you really bad then," said Paul.

"Don't," whined Hanna.  "Go away...I want my Mummy...I want my Daddy."

Paul smiled at the two preteens.  "Ahh Hanna, pretty fuck slut.  Do you want me to burn you again?"   The little cunt's hands automatically clutched at her chest and she flinched as she disturbed the burns.   "No Sir," moaned the child.

"Then shut the fuck up," shouted Paul.

Hanna shrank into the rear of the cage sobbing gently, staring out at her owner.  Paul turned his attention back to little Beth.  The dark haired nine-year-old was shivering.  "Ask me to hurt you," said Paul.

"P...please Sir," started Beth.  "C...can you hurt me b...bad p...please."

Paul opened up the cage.  "Get out, cunt," he said.

Beth shifted towards the front of the cage and, slowly, she crawled out.   Tears flowed freely from her eyes but she said nothing.  Paul closed the cage door behind the child and held out his hand.  Beth understood and took it.  Turning around, he half-dragged half-led Beth through the door and into the hallway.

Paul pulled the child into a room at the far end of the cellar.  A single post in the centre of the padded room, from floor to ceiling, was the only object in the cell.  Brown specks of old dried blood stained the walls around the whipping post.  Beth stared at it in utter terror.  Paul doubted, despite her new-found experience, that this child knew exactly how this post would assist in hurting her but only that it would be used to inflict pain.  "I want to bugger you before I start," said Paul.  "Is that okay with you?"

Beth moved her hands to cover her little arse.  "Oh please don't fuck me," said Beth.

Paul frowned.  "You know I own you, cunt.  You are not allowed to decide whether I can fuck you or not," he said.  "You always want me to fuck you.  You should be begging."

Beth just stared up at the man.

Paul snarled and pulled on her arm, making the child stumble towards him.  She let out a small yell.  Paul instantly struck the child across the face with the back of his hand, knocking the little girl's head to the side.  Beth screamed and her free hand came up to cover her face.  "Beg!" he yelled.

The child stared up at Paul, a thin trail of blood trickling from the corner of her mouth and down over her chin, stopping half way down her neck.  "P-please f-fuck me, Sir.  Pleeasssse," she stammered.

Paul lifted his hand again and delivered a second vicious blow to the side of Beth's face, letting go of her arm, and causing the little girl to fall to the floor.  Beth curled up and sobbed.  "Never make me tell you twice," said Paul.  "Now get up and bend over so I can get my cock up your arse."

Beth looked up, her lip split and swollen; a shaky hand wiped away the blood.  The child stared at the smear of red for a few seconds before she reacted to Paul's order.  The child climbed to her feet and turned so that her back was to the man.  Then, ever so slowly, she leant forwards until her body was at right angles with her legs.  Immediately Paul pulled apart Beth's arse cheeks, smiling at the sight of the tiny bruised arsehole.  "I want you to hold your bum cheeks open for me."

With a quiet whimper, the child's arms crept behind her to keep her arse cheeks spread open.  Paul let go and took a step back to admire the sight.  "Now don't move."   The man then left the room, locking the child inside.

Paul had no intention of leaving the child alone for very long, though she didn't know that.   He hurried to the storeroom.  Paul wanted this child to suffer.  He wasn't satisfied with just hurting her. Paul looked around the items stored in his cupboard, unable to decide exactly which ones he wanted to use on Beth this evening.

He moved around, gathering items as they took his fancy: a cat-o-nine tails, a large plug, a box of three inch long needles, a small pair of shears, a pair of pliers, a blow torch, and half a broom handle.  Happy with his selections, Paul headed back to the room where he had left his little girl and was pleased to find her stood just how he had left her. "Ahh good girl," said Paul stepping up behind her.

Paul dropped the collection of items on the floor around him, then spat on his finger and started to rub it into the child's arse. "Oh I'm gonna fuck this hard," he chuckled.

"Ohhh," moaned Beth.

Paul then pushed his finger deep inside the little girl's backside. "Ow," sobbed Beth. "It hurts."

"Really?" asked Paul. "Hurts is good. I like hurts."

"Oh ow, please Sir."

Paul laughed and pulled his finger from the child's arse. "Okay," he said. "I know what you really want up there is my cock."

Beth didn't say anything but burst into tears.  Paul couldn't help but laugh as he pulled his cock from his trousers to rub it against her arse. "Aww," he said, "c'mon, it's not like its anything awful, just a little arse fuck...you wait til afterwards 'cause I'm gonna beat the shit out of you."

"Please don't," sobbed Beth.

"Hold still fuck-bunny," said Paul.

The man took hold of the child's waist and pushed his cock against the hole.  Beth let out a loud grunt as her arse stretched around his cock then a sigh as the head popped inside.  "See, it isn't so bad."

"It hurts," whined Beth.

Paul grunted and started to fuck the child's arse, quite exhilarated by her groans, grunts and pleas of pain.  He fucked the little girl's bum for a good many minutes, enjoying each and every twitch.  He'd been cumming so much these last few days, however, that it took a long while before he even felt the cum begin to rise.  On feeling it, he stopped and pulled his cock from the obviously relived little girl.  She stood, still holding her arse cheeks apart.  The charming sight of a gaping arsehole now greeted Paul.  "Now fucktoy," he said, "I want you to stay like that.  If you move, I'm going to push a big plug up your bum.  Do you want a big plug up your bum?"

"N...no Sir."

"So how do you stop that?"

"I...I don't move, Sir."

"That's a good girl.  Now, this is gonna hurt."

Paul retrieved the cat-o-nine tails from the floor and fingered the short metal stud on the end of one of the metal tails, licking his lips. "Really hurt."

He took a step back and watched as the child trembled before him. Her little body squirmed merely at the prospect of the beating she was going to receive.  Paul was curious to see just how many strokes this little girl could take without moving.  He lifted his arm and let the cat rip down against the child's splayed arse cheeks.  The little girl screeched.  Her legs moved, making her take several steps forwards, but she stayed in position so Paul wasn't too bothered about that.

But the second blow caused Beth to scream her little lungs out.  Her legs buckled beneath her, sending the little child crashing to the floor.  "Oh please," spat Paul.  "You didn't even try."

With that he kicked the little girl, striking the crying child in the ribs. Beth barked and curled up tight.  Paul reached down and took her by the waist.  "NOOOO!" screamed Beth.  "Go away... leave me alone."

"Sorry fuck-toy," said Paul.  "You're gonna get it now."

Paul heaved the child across to the whipping post and, with practised ease, he chained Beth to it so that she was stood facing Paul.  Her hands were held over her head by the cuffs.  As soon as he let go, the child squirmed away, attempting to hide herself on the other side of the post.

Paul didn't really care what she tried.  None of it would help her very much anyway.  Retrieving the plug from the floor, he showed it to Beth. "Now, fuckbunny, do you think we can get this up your bum without too much hassle from you, or do I have to push pins into your titties?"

"No," sobbed Beth.

Paul leant over, picked up the box of pins and took one from it.  He had every intention of filling this child's whole body with these pins but she didn't need to know that yet.  As he approached Beth, she squealed and tried to move around the post away from Paul.  She soon ran out of slack and was halted.  Paul grinned and stabbed the needle into the child's exposed chest.  Beth screamed in pain.  "Now be a good slut and stick your bum out so that I can push the plug into it," said Paul.  "Or we can use more pins if you like."

Slowly the  crying child unwound herself from the whipping post just enough that she could poke her arse out towards Paul.  "Now, that's a good fucktoy," he said.

The sobs intensified as Paul pushed the plug against the child's arsehole.  She began to squirm, shaking her gorgeous fat bum for him.  Paul pulled the plug away and slapped her arse, receiving a small yelp in return.  "Keep shaking it," he said, and slapped it again.

"O...ohh..." sobbed Beth.

The child began to wriggle in earnest, shaking her fat bum for Paul. The man watched the beautiful globes of flesh shake around for several moments before he nestled the plug back between her arse cheeks, resting it against her arsehole.  "You can stop shaking it now," he said.

Beth froze.  The sobbing child began to tremble.  Anyone would have thought that she'd never done this before.  Paul grinned at the thought and started to force the plug inside.  It was large, even for an adult, but Paul was quite sure that he could get it into this child's arse.  Beth screamed as her arsehole was stretched out around the plug and she began to squirm again, so much so that Paul was forced to use one hand to keep her still, while the other pushed the plug into the tiny child.

When the plug finally popped inside the little girl, and Paul released his grip on her, Beth slumped against the post, taking in quick shallow breaths.  Paul once again retrieved the box of pins and emptied a few out into his hand.  "Right, fuck queen," said Paul.

Beth's eyes locked onto Paul's hand and she shook her head. "No you said..."

"I said nothing of the sort."

Paul approached the nine-year-old girl.  Beth moaned and again tried to get away by moving around the post but only succeeded in exposing her chest, with it's pink and damaged nipples.  The man pushed his body against that of the child's, preventing her from moving back around the post.  He took one of the pins and thrust it into Beth's other nipple.  The child screamed again.  Paul wasted no time in inserting a third pin.  Beth desperately pulled at the cuffs trying, hopelessly, to pull herself further around the post and away from Paul and his wicked pins.

Paul, on the other hand, was having great fun watching the blood begin to seep from around the pins.  The man amused himself filling both child nipples with them.  The way Beth reacted to them pleased Paul no end.

All good things come to an end though and, when Paul had inserted half a dozen pins into each of Beth's little nipples, he found himself running out.  As appealing as it was to get the box and continue filling her young body with sharp pointy objects, Paul was eager to try something else.   So, instead, he retrieved the cat.  "No!" Beth begged. "Please stop it."

"No," said Paul.

Positioning himself away from the child, Paul lashed out striking the small girl over her pierced nipples.  The shrill scream tickled Paul's ears and, with a chuckle, he pulled his arm back to deliver a second blow across her young thighs.

Paul hit Beth one last time with the cat, lashing the whip over her small cute face and leaving a dark red welt just below her left eye. Paul laughed and dropped the whip.  "Oh Bethy, I can't decide what to do first," he said.  "Cut bits off you or beat the living shit out of you.  What do you think?"


"Oh a fat lot of help you are," muttered Paul.  "I think I might start by cutting bits off you.  I promised you three fingers, or was it four?"

"Please don't."

"Four...thought so," said Paul, and he leant over to collect the shears.  "What chance have you got of staying conscious through this?"

"No don't...please stop," sobbed Beth in reply.

"No I didn't think so," he muttered. "I won't be a sec."

The man left the room only to return a few minutes later carrying the bottle of stimulant pills.  "You've got to pop a couple of these, honey," he said.

"No," sobbed Beth.  "Don't kill me."

"I'm not going to kill you, honey," said Paul.  "Just cut your fingers off."

Paul emptied two of the tablets onto his hand and held them up to Beth's mouth.   "Now swallow them," he commanded.

Beth's eyes flickered up to make contact with Paul's.  The small child whimpered for a few seconds before opening her mouth to allow Paul to place the pills onto her tongue.  The child closed her mouth and swallowed.  It would take a few minutes for the pills to kick in but he was feeling impatient.   Taking the shears, he forced one of Beth's fingers in between the blades.   The child screamed and tried to move away, flexing her fingers in an attempt to save them.

Paul slowly closed the shears over the knuckle of Beth's index finger. The little girl's vocal cords exerted themselves even more.  The scream was nearly deafening.  Paul put pressure onto the shears. There was resistance for a few moments then they snapped shut with a sickening crack.  The finger dropped to the floor by Beth's feet.

The child stopped screaming and just stared into space, hyperventilating.  Her entire body shook and blood began to pour down her arms.  Paul laughed to himself and picked up the blowtorch and pliers.  He lit the torch and held the pliers under the flame for several moments, watching the dull metal turn an equally dull red.  Then, hurriedly, he moved over to Beth and placed the redhot metal against her severed finger.  Her body shook and her mouth opened but no sound emerged.

Paul held up Beth's head to peer into her almost black eyes.  She looked distant and her eyes were glazed.  Paul was pretty sure that she wouldn't survive many more of her fingers being severed.   Fun as mutilation could be, he knew when to stop.   He didn't want the little cunt to die so soon.  Paul sighed and dropped the shears onto the floor.  Beth fell forwards, fainting despite the stimulants.  Paul was still frustrated, still needed to hurt this cunt.  Time to use something to wake the little whore up.

Paul went out to a storage cupboard to collect a large black box and, with a grunt, he lifted it, trailing four black leads ending in nasty large clips.  Paul shifted around and, being careful not to stand on any of the leads, carried it back to Beth.

He sat the box down next to the wall and plugged it into the socket, spun the dial around to the lowest voltage, then, taking the leads he pulled them over to Beth.  He clipped one on each nipple, one on the little girl's clitoris, and pushed the last inside the kiddie's cunt.  Paul moved back to the box and pressed down the button on top of it. There was a second for the circuit break to saturate, then the child bucked.

Beth's eyes opened wide, she screamed, and her body began to convulse. She shook violently for several moments before the switch automatically cut off the power flow.  Beth hung forward, though only for a few seconds, before the circuit activated again. This box was of very crude design but it did it's job effectively and, on it's lowest power setting, whilst, incredibly painful, incapable of killing even a child.

Paul watched as the circuit made and broke itself several times, each time filling the child with an agonising electrical burst, before he pressed the button again shutting the box off.  Beth collapsed, breathing heavily and smeared with sweat, but at least she was awake.

"You've been a very bad girl," Paul sneered.  "Don't you fucking well ever pass out on me again."

Beth opened her mouth as if to say something but all that passed her lips was an incomprehensible moan.  Saliva and blood dribbled down her chin.   She had bitten herself during her fight with the mains.  Paul grinned at her and leant over to pick up the shears from the floor.

"N...n..." the child managed to stammer.

Paul smiled at her. "Oh yes," he said, "but don't worry, I'm not going to cut off any fingers."

"N...n...no!" Beth cried.

"We've already established this," muttered Paul. "Not your fingers."

"P...p...p" Beth attempted.

Paul moved over to the trembling girl, took the clip off of her left nipple, and pressed the sweet nubbin between his fingers.  Beth didn't have the energy to stand on her own two feet let alone try and stop him from playing with her.  He fiddled with the nipple, pulling out all of the pins as he worked on the little bud, trying without much success to bring it up hard.  After five minutes he gave up.  "Oh fuck it," he muttered.  "It's got to come off anyway."

"Please! N...NOOOO!" said Beth with pitiful determination.

Paul laughed and opened the shears.  He had lied to the child.  He didn't actually want to cut the nipple off, just cut it in half.  He placed the damaged teat into the jaws of the shears and cut, slicing the child's nipple straight through the centre.  Acting quickly, he turned the shears on their side and sliced through her nipple again, effectively quartering it, though still leaving it attached to the exhausted preteen.

Within a fraction of a second, the wound filled with dark red blood which spilled out over her chest.  Paul quickly pulled the clip off the other nipple and yanked the pins out so that he could repeat the process of cleaving it in four.

Paul took a step back to watch the blood flooding down the child's front and drip from her toes.  It really was quite attractive. However, as much of a turn on it was to see, Paul had no wish for the child to die yet.  So, working quickly, he picked up the pliers and the blow torch and, once again, applied the heat to the jaws until the dark metal radiated with a dull red glow.

Paul opened the pliers and closed them down over the nine-year-old girl's ruined left nipple.  The child once more screamed, flailed about and fainted.  Her tormentor laughed as he reheated the pliers and closed them over the other nipple, sealing it back together as one, ruined piece of flesh.

Paul stepped back, and looked down at the unconscious childwhore. 'She doesn't listen does she?', he thought.  With another sigh, he picked up the crocodile clips from the floor and reattached them to what were once the child's nipples.  He moved back to his box and turned up the voltage level, then pressed the button.  Her body stiffened and shook for a second before her eyes snapped back open and she tried to scream, though her ruined throat let out little more than a choked gasp.

With little Beth awake, Paul switched off his electrical torture device and approached the child.  Without even talking to his ruined little cuntgirl, Paul reached down to pull her legs apart.  By now she was  being held up solely by the chains attached to her wrists.  This meant that Paul had to hold her legs apart for the few moments it took to pull the clips from her clit and her vagina, and push his cock into the tiny whore's babycunt.  The man pushed in hard, forcing his cock straight into the tiny womb.

While Paul brutally fucked the child with all the power he could muster, all Beth could do was moan incoherently, cry, and grunt with the pain.  Nonetheless, she was still a great fuck and soon Paul found himself pumping his thick sperm into her preteen uterus.

Sighing with release, he pulled out, letting the child slump forward. She was breathing heavily and her body was covered with sweat and blood, her hair soaked in it.  She still looked quite a sight, despite her ruined chest.   "I'm afraid I have to punish you for passing out on me again."

The child was definitely awake but gave no sign of acknowledgement that she even heard Paul.  Not that he could really give a damn whether she heard him or not.  Paul moved to the side of the room and picked up the 'half broom handle' that he had left there.  He turned back to Beth and grinned at the poor little slut hanging there.  Then, taking the handle in both hands, he pulled back over his powerful shoulder and swung forwards.

The thick wooden handle struck against the child's ribs with a sickening crack.  Paul laughed and pulled back again to strike against the little slut's stomach.  Then across her thighs, and once more hitting her stomach, before finally hitting her shins, again generating a sickening snapping sound from the child's bones.  The poor little whore was once again unconscious and thus didn't scream as she was brutally beaten.

Paul found himself rather disappointed by this.  This whore would pay dearly for her constant disobedience.  Paul laughed to himself as he reattached the clips to Beth's ruined cunt.  He moved back to the box and once again turned up the voltage, just a little, then pressed the on button.

There was a few seconds' pause while the switch activated.  Then the child woke up screaming as the current racked her small body. Paul waited for the the box to run though it's cycle.  When it finally switched off, he turned down the voltage.  "Good night Bethy.  See you in the morning," he said.  The device would keep her ticking over in agony with no real chance of killing her, which was what was wanted.

He walked from the room just as Beth started to scream again.   He yawned.  "Oh well," he muttered.  It was time to collect Hanna and take it to bed.