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Family in Torment - Chapter Four - Decorations

WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to read this type of literature, or if you are under age, please leave now.

Family in Torment

Written by Alocer Loki

Chapter 4 - Decorations


A smile crept onto Andy's lips, "Does that hurt?" he asked.

Teri's face screwed up and she squirmed in the man's lap, "Ah," moaned Teri, "Yes sir."

Andy grinned and twisted the pliers to the left. Teri gasped with pain, her hands came from behind her back but stopped mere inches from the source of her torment. Teri clenched her hands into fists, squeezed her eyes shut, and took several deep breaths.

Andy laughed and released the nipple. Teri let out another pained whimper. Andy leant forwards and took the flattened nipple between his teeth and bit into it. "OW!" cried Teri.

Andy laughed again and let it go, "Doesn't she look cute?" he asked nodding at Shannon stood in the doorway in nothing but a tiny pair of white cotton knickers. She was looking at her father, knowing that she was supposed to be helping him clear away but unsure of what to do.

Teri glanced over her shoulder at her daughter and smiled as only a proud mother could, "Yeah she is pretty," she said.

Andy nodded and closed the jaws of the pliers over Teri's other nipple. "Ugh," gasped the woman, "God that hurts."

Andy pulled back on the pliers stretching the nipple out, "Yeah I know," he said.

With his free hand Andy reached between the woman's legs and pushed his fingers deep inside her cunt, Teri gave a small moan but a quick twist on the pliers turned it into a whimper of pain, "We've been neglecting your cunt, don't you think?"

"Yes sir," moaned Teri.

"I'm afraid I'm saving my cum for your two little daughters at the moment, so we're going to have to find something else to fill it for the time being," he said.

"Oh ow," moaned Teri, "What."

Andy released her nipple and got yet another pained gasp from Teri, "Turn around," he said.

The woman shifted around on Andy's lap until she sat with her back to him, Andy moved her across so she was sat on one side of him, "Shannon," he called.

The little girl jerked as if surprised and spun round. Her eyes shone in absolute terror, "I-I," she tried but fell silent.

"That doesn't matter," said Andy, "Come here, I've got a little job for you. It won't hurt I promise."

Shannon slowly approached Andy and Teri, "I was trying to help," she said in such a tiny voice that Andy barely heard her.

"I know you were," said Andy, "it's not about that, I want you to fist fuck your mummy. You ever do that before?"

Shannon shrugged.

"I guess not," said Andy, "Okay, give me your right hand bitch."

Shannon slowly raised her hand and Andy took it in both of his and lifted it to his mouth to kiss the back of it gently, "You are a pretty little girl you know," he said.

Shannon blushed and smiled but said nothing. "Okay fuck doll what I want you to is put your whole hand into you Mummy's cunt for me," said Andy and he let go of her hand.

Shannon took her hand and placed it between her mother's legs, rubbing Teri's cunt as her teacher had probably taught her. "Mommy?" murmured Shannon.

"Do it slut!" snapped Teri.

Shannon took a step back but Teri caught her daughter's hand, "Come on now Shannon," said Andy, "Give a hard push."

Shannon looked up at her mother one last time and then put her weight onto her arm. The child's hand wasn't particularly large thus, though slowly at first it slid easily into her mother cunt. "Oh yes honey that's good," moaned Teri.

"See slut your whore mother likes it. Now come on in and out like you are fucking her," said Andy.

Teri started it off fucking herself with her child's' arm, "Oh that's so good darling. Do it harder."

A small smile crossed Shannon's lips and she started to fist fuck her mother of her own accord. After a few minutes Teri started to pant loudly and Andy put his hand out to stroke Shannon's hair, "That's enough Baby Sex," he said, "Take it out now and clean it off like a good little slut."

Shannon nodded and pulled her hand out from her mother's cunt. The light shimmered off of the cunt juice that coated her arm.  Shannon giggled and started to lick the back of her hand. Andy grinned, "It's your mess Teri help your slut clean it up."

"Oh yes sir," moaned Teri and she leant forwards to lick at Shannon's arm.

Andy reached down and took hold of Shannon's other arm, and placed her hand to his cock. Shannon instantly gripped onto the shaft and started to stroke it, Andy sighed and wondered whether it was by instinct or tuition. Either way he didn't care, this child was a gem. "You know your daddy once told me that you wanted to suck my cock, he said you were quite eager in fact. Do you want to suck it."

Shannon paused in her licking and looked up at Andy, she tilted her head and her cheeks flared up red. Andy laughed, "So is that a yes or a no?"

Shannon's smile widened and she nodded, quickly, and then went back to licking her mother's cunt juice from her arm.

"Tell me that you want to suck my cock," said Andy.

Shannon stopped licking again and frowned, "I want to suck your cock sir," she whispered.

"Ahh you don't know how much I enjoyed hearing you say that my child lover. But maybe later, I'm going to have some fun first it looks like the slut has finished clearing away," said Andy, "Let's go into the other room, so we can tie you to the table top doll face."

"Why do you want to tie me up?" asked Shannon.

"So that you don't go anywhere while I hurt you," said Andy.

Shannon started to shake, tears welled up in her eyes again. Andy laughed, "Oh Tiny Twat," he laughed, "What's wrong?"

Shannon shrugged.

Andy smiled, "Come on now Teri get up and make room for your darling slut daughter. Go and get a belt or something I can use to whip those pretty tits of yours okay."

Teri stood up, "Yes sir," she said and left the room.

Andy patted his knee, "Come here you filthy little slut," he said.

Shannon stood up and climbed onto Andy's knee, "Why?" she mumbled as she settled on his knee.

Andy sighed, he pulled Shannon's legs apart and slid his hand inside the child's cotton knickers and pressed is fingers into her tiny cunt., "Why do I keep hurting you?" he asked.

Shannon groaned and nodded.

"That feels good doesn't it?" he asked.

Shannon nodded, "It feels nice," she said.

"Give me a kiss and I'll tell you why I want to hurt you," said Andy.

Shannon leant forwards and pressed her tiny lips to Andy's mouth, she slipped her small tongue inside. Andy pushed his tongue into Shannon's mouth. The child was a good kisser. He started to work his finger in and out of the child's cunt. He pulled his mouth away and smiled at her, "Oh you are so good at that," he said.

Shannon gave a small smile back, "That's cool," she sighed.

"Now why do I want to hurt you?" said Andy, "I do it because I find it fun to hurt little girls like you, okay?"

Shannon frowned. Andy grinned at her, she was a little young to comprehend all of this, but she'd learn. "Okay," he said, "It is your job as well as your parents to make me as happy. I am happy when I'm fucking and hurting gorgeous little children like you and Katie. So it's your job to get hurt by me okay."

The eight-year-old girl just started at the man. Andy laughed, "Come on time for you to scream some more," he said.

"Oh don't," moaned Shannon.

Andy stood up picking the child up with him and carried her into the dining room where the girl's parents were sat waiting. Teri had a thick leather belt in her hands. Andy sat Shannon onto the table and smiled at Joe and Teri. "I am going to give you both a good whipping before we start on the little slut," said Andy, "So that she doesn't think that she's the only one."

"Yes sir," said Teri.

"Good," said Andy, "Then you can go first Teri, if you don't mind standing here with your hands on your head."

The woman stood up and moved in front of Andy, she handed the man the belt and then slowly she placed her hands on her head and poked out her breasts. "Please sir whip my tits," she said.

Andy smiled at Shannon, "See your mother understands that to make me happy I get to hurt her,"

Shannon nodded and bit her lower lip.

Andy folded the belt in half and stoked the leather over her tits. "If you take your hands off your head I'll make Joe hold you down, and I'll go twice as hard on you," he said.

"Yes sir," said Teri.

Andy grunted as he swung the belt against the woman's tits. Teri leant forwards with a loud gasp. As soon as she straightened up Andy hit her again. Her hands flew from her head and clutched onto her chest, "Oh shit," she muttered as she looked up at Andy.

"Joe if you would do the honours," he said.

Joe got up and walked behind his wife. Taking her arms he pulled them behind her back, bending her backwards slightly. Andy smiled. "There that should cure your disobedience. Now Shannon here is a little lesson in why you should always do what I tell you no matter how painful and impossible it might seem."

Andy unfolded the belt and wrapped it around his hand twice. He stroked the thick buckle over the woman's tits. Teri took in a deep breath. Tears dripped from her eyes, "Sorry sir," she said.

"Don't worry whore," said Andy, "I doubt this thing has enough weight to crack any ribs."

With that Andy swung the metal buckle against Teri's stomach. The woman screamed. Andy reached up and ran his fingers over the dark red mark brought up by the buckle. "My that is very attractive, I'm looking forwards to giving Shannon a few like this."

Shannon whimpered but stayed where she was.

Andy hit Teri again hitting her across the nipple on her left tit. The woman screamed and pulled against Joe. "My," laughed Andy, "Shannon makes less of a fuss than you do." He hit her again.

"Ah!" cried Teri, "Sorry sir, it hurts."

Andy hit her again. This time Teri kept her response to a quiet cry. Andy grinned and started to whip the woman's tits and stomach with one-second intervals. "Oh STOP!" screamed Teri, "Please stop."

Andy's grin widened, and he started to hit her faster and harder. When Andy finally stopped the woman's torso was completely covered in small dark marks. Joe let her go and the woman fell to the floor hugging herself. Andy turned to Shannon and gave her a warm smile, the child was staring at Andy in absolute horror, "Your Fucking Slut of a mother was a bad girl and got what she deserved."

Shannon nodded.

"I bet you liked seeing your mother getting punished for a change. Didn't you."

Shannon shook her head.

"Don't lie to me bitch," snarled Andy, "You loved watching that slut have her small tits whipped."

Shannon looked like she was going to start crying again.

"Say it slut," spat Andy.

"I-I loved watching mummy having her small tits whipped," whispered Shannon.

"See I told you so," said Andy. "Now lay down so we can tie you up."

Shannon slowly pulled herself onto the table and laid down in the centre. Her body was visibly trembling. Andy looked down at Teri on the floor. A smile crossed his lips and he kicked her in the ribs. The woman let out a loud cry. "Get the fuck up," shouted Andy, "Or I WILL break your fucking ribs whore."

The woman uncurled herself and climbed to her feet. Tears ran from her eyes, "Sorry sir," she said, "Thank you for punishing me."

Andy struck Teri across the face with the back of his hand. The woman fell back against the table, "Do you know how much hitting you relives stress?" he asked, "Though if you didn't keep being such fucking disobedient whore I wouldn't have to relive the stress. Shit I'm worked up again. Be a good slut and stand up straight."

Teri sniffed back her tears and stood up in front of Andy, "I'm sorry if I'm making you..." she said.

Teri folded forwards as Andy punched the woman in the stomach. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head up to deliver another backhand slap across her face, "I'm afraid that you're going to have some bruises in the morning on your cheek here," and he hit her again. "Now make yourself bloody useful and tie that little fuck toy to the table. Remember I want to give her cunt a good thrashing so her legs have to be spread wide."

Teri nodded, and turned to set about her task, beginning by stripping the eight-year-old girls knickers from her body.

Andy turned to Joe, the mans eyes shone with excitement, "Your turn for the strap Joe my slut," said Andy.

"Yes Sir," said Joe licking his lips.

"Give your lovely daughter a nice Sloppy Kiss would you, bend over the table."

Joe gave a smile and lent over the table to kiss Shannon, he slipped his tongue inside the child's mouth.

Andy pulled his arm back and delivered a vicious blow to his back leaving the outline of the buckle on his sun tanned skin. Joe groaned with the pain.

Andy swung the belt against the man's ass, tearing a small hole in the seat of his panties. Joe grunted and his ass thrashed about a little getting another blow from Andy. "I'm afraid that I'm going to run this pretty underwear of yours." Andy hit him again getting a small cry from the man.

"See Shannon darling," said Andy, "When this pathetic excuse for your father is a bad boy he gets hurt as well."

Andy thrashed the man's back and ass the dark red marks littered his skin visible through the numerous tears in his pretty panties. "You can get up slut," Andy said.

"Yes sir," said Joe and he stood up.

"Take off your knickers and show your darling daughter what happens when you are a bad slut."

Joe pulled off the pair of panties and turned to show Shannon the marks on his ass and back.

"Ow," murmured Shannon, "Please don't do that to me."

Andy reached down and stroked the child's hair, "Can you move?" he asked.

Shannon pulled at the ropes, which her mother had used to tie her with, and shook her head, "No sir."

Andy looked at Teri who was sat opposite him caressing her breasts, "Well it looks like you can do something right at least," he said. "Okay, Shannon you gorgeous little piece of fuck flesh, you are going to get your pussy whipped, like I promised when we were with Ms Bitch, okay."

"Oh please sir," whined Shannon, "don't."

Andy moved around the table and started to rub between Shannon's legs. The girl was certainly wet. "Okay Shannon, tell me why shouldn't I whip your cunt. I want a good reason."

The Eight-year-old girl was silent for several seconds, "I don't know," she murmured, "Please don't."

Andy laughed, "You didn't even try. You must really want it," he said, "Teri, I want you to put your tit into her mouth so she's got something to bite on when I hit her."

Teri leant over her daughter pushing her tits into the child's face, "Okay honey, if it hurts I want you to bite me as hard as you can. Make me hurt more okay."

"Okay Mommy," said Shannon.

"And Joe, can't have you idol can we," said Andy, "You were really good at licking my balls when I was fucking Katie, get down and do that. Just my balls mind, I want Shannon to blow me next okay."

"Yes sir," said Joe and he dropped to his knees and crawled round in front of the man.

Andy slimed as Joe's tongue tickled his scrotum. Taking the belt Andy dangled the buckle against the child's tiny hairless cunt. Shannon moaned around her mothers tit as Andy stroked the cold metal between the child's spread legs, "Ah," he said, "Sorry Shannon, I'm teasing you. You just want me to hit you don't you?"

Andy laughed and swung the buckle. It hit the child with a small clipping sound as the metal fixtures hit together. Shannon squealed, followed shortly by a series of small cries by Teri. The little girl had taken her mothers words to heart and was really biting down hard. Andy laughed and hit her again. The screams intensified. The dark red marks were already beginning to show on the child's cunt. Andy hit her again this time on her thigh. Shannon's agonised screams coupled with Teri's pained gasps were enough to drive a man crazy.

Andy beat the little child with as much ferocity he could muster, barely pausing between strikes he covered the little girls thighs, and cunt with dark red welts and small cuts like those that marred both her parents. Andy only stopped when his arm was getting too tired to give a decent blow. Shannon had long before stopped screaming and just let out a continuous high-pitched whine. Teri slumped over her daughter, tears streamed down the woman's face. Andy reached down and rubbed Shannon's bruised cunt until the child stopped whining, "It's okay Fuck Puppet, you can stop biting your Mother now," he said.

Teri stood up, deep teeth marks marred her left breast mostly dark purple but some were red with blood where Shannon's teeth had broken the skin, "That's pretty Teri, give your slutty Cunt Spawn a kiss and thank her for that."

Teri wiped her eyes and nodded, she leant over and French kissed her daughter. After several moments she pulled away, "Thank you honey for biting me," she said.

"Sorry Mommy," moaned Shannon.

"Aye, she asked you to bite her, I'll not have you saying sorry for that," said Andy, "Do you know what we're going to do to you now Slut?"

Shannon's eyes flicked towards Andy though she didn't raise her head from the table, "No sir," the girl whispered, "Don't hurt me more."

Andy smiled and moved around the girl, leaving Joe knelt at the foot of the table. He leant close to the child and smiled at her, he reached down and wiped the tears from her eyes, "Don't worry Ass Fuck," he said, "It will hurt a little, but it will make you look really gorgeous. Good enough to fuck."

Shannon sniffed, "I don't want it to hurt," she sobbed.

"Now what I'm going to do, is dress you up like the slut you are," he said, "Well decorate you like the slut you are."

Shannon just looked at him her hazel eyes once again brimming with tears.

"We'll have to wait until tomorrow to go shopping for proper jewellery for you but tonight I'm going to make all the holes I want on you. And a few more just to see what you'll look like with them in. Unfortunately we are going to have to use safety-pins."

Shannon's eyes went wide and she shook her head.

Andy grinned, "Yeah, I'm gonna make holes in your titties, your cunt and your tongue and your nose and lots more places."

"Don't do that please," moaned Shannon.

"Teri go get the pins we sorted out earlier," said Andy.

"Yes sir," said the woman and she left the room.

Andy walked back around to Joe, "Stand up ball licker," he said.

Joe did as he was told. Andy reached down and took Joe's testicles in his hand and gave them a firm squeeze, "You know," he said, "I've decided to whip these the next time you are a bad slut. That'll make you scream I think."

Joe frowned and nodded, "I can imagine," he said.

Andy let go, he wrapped the belt once more around his hand then swung it between the man's legs. Joe let out a cry and his hands went down to hold onto his balls. "Yep that'll make you scream alright," said Andy, "Don't you think your Slut Baby will look beautiful with her decorations?"

Despite his discomfort Joe grinned, "Yes she would look magnificent."

Andy nodded, he reached down and pushed his middle finger into Shannon's cunt, "You hear that, your Slut Father wants you to be decorated," he said.

"Oh please I'll be good," moaned Shannon.

"I have them sir," said Teri, the woman entered the room holding a small pot.

Andy took the pot from Teri. He reached inside and took out a safety pin about two inches long. He opened it and showed the child the sharp point. "This one," he said, "Is going through your lip here."

Andy grabbed hold of the child's lower lip. Shannon turned her head to the side pulling her lip from his grasp. Andy slapped Shannon on the cheek, "Unless you want your cunt whipped again, you will stay still. Is that clear Whore?"

"Sorry sir," murmured Shannon, "Don't stick pins in me please."

Andy took hold of the child's lip again and pressed the point against the skin. Shannon tensed obviously none too keen to repeat her whipping. "That's a good girl. Now be a big girl for me and don't move."

Andy pushed the pin through her lip in a single push. Shannon's body shook but calmed down quickly. Andy fastened the pin together, "There, that wasn't so bad now was it?"

Shannon sniffed back her tears, "It hurt," she cried.

"Of course it hurt. You wait until I do your nipples. And when I do your clit you won't know what hit you."

"Then don't," said Shannon.

Andy reached back into the pot and took another pin out this one was only an inch in length, "This one goes through your pretty little tongue so I want you to stick it out for me."

"Oh," moaned Shannon but the child poked her tongue out.

"Oh you are a good little slut," said Andy. "This one is going to hurt a little more."

The man unfastened the pin and with his free hand took hold of her tongue. He pressed the pin against her tongue and quickly pierced it. Shannon squealed, but Andy kept hold of her tongue and fastened the pin back together. He watched the blood trickle from the new hole for a moment then let it go again. Shannon slowly opened her mouth and pulled her tongue back in. She stared at Andy with tear-filled eyes.

Andy took a third pin just a fraction smaller than the first one. Clamping the child's head still with one hand, Andy pierced the child's left nostril with the pin. "You look better already," he said, "Now time for your nipples, I've got some really big ones for that."

Shannon tried to speak but all that left her mouth was an incomprehensible moan.

"Yes it'll take a little getting used to speaking with a safety pin in your mouth. Don't worry, I'll take that one out tonight."

Andy took a large two an a half inch safety pin and opened it to show Shannon, "Because you can't move your chest very much I can do these ones slowly so that they will hurt you more."

"Nah!" cried Shannon.

Andy pressed the point of the pin against the side of her nipple and slowly pressed it in. He felt the flesh compress for a little bit so he pushed harder finally breaking though her skin. Shannon screamed.

Andy pushed it though the other side and clipped the pin together, "Yeah I like doing that. I'm going to do the other side now okay."

Andy took another pin almost identical to the one in Shannon's fist nipple. Andy pierced the child's other one, getting loud screams from the girl. Andy then took a pin similar to the one though Shannon's lip and used it to pierce her navel. Two pins larger than the ones in her nipples went to pierce the little girl's pussy lips, one on either side. Finally Andy was left with just two pins, one an inch long and the other half that size. "Now Cum Guzzler," said Andy, "These two are my favourite. The big one goes through your clit hood so all I have to do is pull on it and I can get to your clitoris so I can really hurt you, and the little one goes right through your clit. That is going to hurt like fuck. Teri, if you would open her cunt for me, so I can get at them."

"Yes sir," said Teri.

The woman reached down and pulled her child's cunt lips apart. Andy took the larger of the two pins and quickly pushed it through the eight-year old girls clit hood. Shannon's screams had died down to agonised gasps. Andy guessed her throat was becoming too sore to keep shrieking.

Teri shifted her hands so that the child's tiny clit was exposed to the man. Andy licked his lips. Yes this would be fun. Andy pricked the tiny nub of flesh with the safety pin. "STHOP ITH!" cried Shannon.

Andy chuckled to himself and pushed the pin through her clitoris. The child's body suddenly started to convulse as the child went into a fit of screaming. Andy stood back to admire his work.

It took a long while for Shannon to stop screaming and even longer for her to stop her squirming. "There its all over now Shannon Honey, and let me tell you, you look absolutely beautiful."

The crying child actually blushed at the remark. Andy couldn't help but laugh, "I bet you want to see yourself," said Andy, "Joe, Teri, go get a mirror and put it into the living room."

The child's parents both hurried from the room without a word.

Andy picked up Shannon's knickers from the floor and walked and wiped her face with them, "You can stop crying now," he said, "No more hurting you tonight I promise. Okay."

Shannon nodded.

"Well no more big hurting. You'll have a little bit of pain. It'll be fun though, for you and me. Do you want me to unite you?"

"Yes please," Shannon said around her 'tongue ring'.

Andy untied Shannon and lifted her from the table, he hugged the child, "You do look so gorgeous I just want to fuck you." He laughed, "Do you want to come see, yourself yes."

Andy carried Shannon into the living room. Joe was sat in an armchair and Teri sat on his knee, slowly rubbing on her husband's cock. A large mirror lent against one wall, Andy put Shannon down in front of the mirror and took a seat, "Don't you go making him cum," warned Andy.

Teri smiled, "It's okay, I don't intend to. I'm just going to tease him a little," she said.

Shannon stood staring at her image in the mirror. She did make an odd sight with her oversized piercing. She touched each of the safety pins in turn apart from the ones in her cunt. "Open your pussy lips, so you can take a look at the one in your clit," ordered Andy.

Shannon did as she was told, and slowly pulled open her cunt to take a look at her the decorations. "So what do you think?" asked Andy.

"I think they make her look like a slut," said Teri, "I love them."

"They are magnificent," said Joe, "What do you think pixie?"

Shannon was quiet for a few seconds, "They look, kind of cool," she said, "They are too big."

Andy laughed, "You like them don't you fucking slut," he said, "I'll get you nice small gold rings tomorrow like I said I would. They'll make you look really cute."

Shannon nodded.

"Okay," said Andy, "You've got to pleasure your mother and me, so you've got to take the pin out of your tongue. You do it."

Shannon poked out her tongue, and after a few moments of fondling managed to open the safety pin and take it out. She placed it on the coffee table and stood looking between her mother and Andy as if she was unsure of what to do. "You can eat your mummies cunt first," said Andy.

Shannon gave a small smile THAT was something she knew how to do. The child got onto her hands and knees and crawled over to her mother who spread her legs wide to accept her daughter's eager mouth. Teri groaned with pleasure. Andy got up and moved behind Shannon. He sat down behind the child and pulled open her ass cheeks, leaning forwards he ran his tongue over the child's asshole. Sitting back up Andy pushed his middle finger into the tiny hole. Shannon gave a small grunt as Andy finger-fucked her ass. Pulling his finger out of her asshole; Andy pushed it into her cunt. "Oh I know it's a little premature honey, but I can't help it. I've got to fuck you now."

Shannon lifted her head up, "I thought I was going to suck your cock," she said.

Andy's cock twitched at those words.

"I promise I won't cum in your ass okay?" he said, "So you can suck me off."

"Okay I guess," mumbled Shannon, "You promised not to hurt me."

"Yes that's a good point," said Andy, "Joe, my personal cock sucking fuck slave. Get up and make sure my cock and her ass are wet enough that it won't hurt her too much."

Teri stood up to allow Joe out from underneath her. Joe crawled around his daughter and took Andy's cock straight into his mouth. "And be quick about I," muttered Andy, "That ass is one of the best fucks I've ever known."

While Joe was sucking Andy's cock, Teri pushed Shannon's face back into her cunt. "You weren't told to stop licking," she said.

Shannon said something but the words were muffled by her mother's cunt. Joe spent mere seconds on Andy's cock before he moved onto Shannon's asshole. Again he spent only seconds tonguing the little brown hole before he looked up at Andy, "Another rim job while your fucking the little slut?" he asked.

Andy's lips curled up, "If you must," he said.

Joe quickly scurried behind Andy and pushed his face into the man's ass. Andy meanwhile crouched behind the eight-year old girls ass and rubbed his cock against her hole. "It shouldn't hurt very much," he said, "We've stretched it out quite a bit I should think."

Andy pushed against the little hole and slid inside quite easily, with barely a grunt on Shannon's part, "Oh yes fuck toy," groaned Andy, "You're ass is just great."

Andy started to pump the child's ass, not too hard, but not soft either. Shannon started to grunt and groan into her mother's cunt, and Teri gasped and moaned with pleasure. It took only minutes for Teri to cum, and she did so screaming. Shannon kept licking her mother all the while. Andy finally pulled his cock from the child's asshole and said, "My turn you fucking whore. Let's see if you suck cock as well as you obviously eat pussy."

Andy sat back down and Shannon shifted around, "Sir can I take the pin from my lip it hurts," she said.

Andy shook his head, "I'll take it out when we go to bed, and the one in your nose, but you've got to make me cum before we can go to bed. So the better you suck the quicker you can have the pins out."

Shannon lowered her head, and wiped her eyes, "Okay," she mumbled.

The child took hold of Andy's cock and opened her mouth. The girl took his cock inside her mouth and ran her tongue over the head. "Oh shit girl you are good," moaned Andy, "Your father doesn't suck cock this good."

"She had a good teacher," said Teri.

Andy nodded, "I suppose so. Jesus kid you are good."

Shannon giggled around Andy's cock. Andy couldn't hold on any more. He pulled his cock from the child's mouth and sprayed her face with cum. Shannon opened her eyes and gazed up at Andy with a small smile. "God child you are enjoying this aren't you?" he asked.

Shannon shrugged.

Andy laughed, "Okay one last thing and then I'll take you to bed with me, I want your daddy to cum all over your face as well, then we can take some photos of you looking like a real slut so we can give them to people."

Shannon nodded, "Do I have to suck his cock as well?" she asked.

"Oh no," said Andy, "He's been a bad little slut and isn't allowed to put his cock inside you at all. He's going to jerk off over you."

Joe stood up and over his daughter, "It won't take long," he assured them.

Shannon slowly moved around so she was facing Joe. The man was already rubbing rapidly on his stiff cock, Shannon closed her eyes tight and pressed her mouth shut.

"Teri quick go get the camera, we've got to get some shots of this," said Andy.

Teri smiled and stood to get the camera off of the shelf. The woman took several pictures of her husband jerking off over their daughter's face, and a few of him squirting his cum over her.

With sperm dripping off of her chin and dribbling down her chest, Shannon opened her eyes again and smiled for the camera. "Shannon," said Andy, "Stand up so we can take some pictures of your decorations."

Andy directed Shannon through a series of poses, and Teri took the pictures, until the roll of film ran out. Andy sighed, his cock was once again stiff and looking for a fuck, "God Shannon look what you do to me. I can't stay soft," he said, "Okay, your daddy can clean all the cum off you then I'll take those pins out of your face, so we can all go to bed, okay."

Shannon turned to her father who was already kneeling. She giggled while her father licked his own and Andy's cum from her face.


This story is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Family in Torment - Chapter Three - Abuse the Family

WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to read this type of literature, or if you are under age, please leave now.

Family in Torment

Written by Alocer Loki

Chapter 3 - Abuse the Family

Andy lounged back in the armchair, watching TV and absently fondling the clips attached to Shannon's nipples. The little child sat on his knee cried almost constantly. Her small body trembled at his touch. Andy soon found himself distracted by the noise she made when he pulled on the small clips. There was something deeply satisfying about the sound of a child in pain. Something that sent a shiver down Andy's spine. "Turn around so I can look at you," he said.

Shannon slowly shifted around until she faced Andy, the tears dripped from her chin onto her already sweat soaked body. Beautiful. Andy could never understand why in his eyes a crying child always looked far more attractive than a happy one. At that moment he didn't care, all he wanted to do was rape this little whore. "Where the fuck is your father," he muttered, "I want to get my cock into your cunt."

"I don't know sir," mumbled Shannon.

"Well if he doesn't get here soon I'm going to have to hurt you," said Andy.

"But," moaned Shannon.

"Why should you be punished for something he did?" asked Andy, "No reason I just like hurting you."

"Oh please," sobbed the child.

Just then the door to the living room opened and Joe walked in, "I'm sorry I'm late sir. Traffic," he said.

Andy glanced down at his watch, "I told you to be back an hour ago," said Andy.

"I-I'm sorry sir, it won't happen again," mumbled the man.

"Not to worry I'll make sure that you are punished properly for your disobedience. Like the rest of your fucking slut family. Can't do as you are told. First though I want to fuck Shannon, and like I promised I am going to let you help me. And you never know be a good little slave slut and I might let you fuck her sometime, and maybe I might even let you put your cock into gorgeous little Katie."

"Thank you sir," said Joe.

"Right then take those clothes off," said Andy.

"Yes sir," said Joe. The man quickly stripped off his clothes until he was dressed in nothing but a pair of pink cotton panties. Andy smiled the man looked quite alluring like that, and quite pathetic, he loved it. He loved even more that he hadn't had to even suggest it to him. Joe wore his pretty underwear all the time.

"Okay," sighed Andy, "You can leave them on."

Andy turned his attention back to Shannon, he pressed his face close to the small girl, "Your daddy says that you think he looks cute when he's dressed like that," he said.

Shannon turned her head to look at her father then nodded, "He does," she mumbled, "And silly," she added.

"Well I think he looks cute. He is a dirty ass licking slut isn't he?" he asked.

Shannon nodded.

"Okay now Cum Face, I want you to lay down on the rug okay, I'm going to rape you. Do you still want me to rape you?"

Shannon shook her head.

"Why not Fuck Bunny?" he asked.

"Cause it hurts to take them off," moaned Shannon, "sir please can you untie me I can't feel my hands."

Andy lifted Shannon up and had her turn around, her hands wrapped tightly with the string had indeed turned a dull shade of purple. "Not yet Ass Fuck, after I rape you I'll do it okay," said Andy, "Now you say that you don't want your nipples to hurt any more so you don't want to take the clips off, turn around slut."

Shannon slowly turned around to face Andy.

"Does it hurt like this when you take them off?" he asked.

With that Andy reached forwards with both hands and took a clip in each one. Pressing the jaws tighter together he gave them both a vicious twist. Shannon let out an ear-piecing shriek. Her body pulled back trying to get away from the pain. Andy laughed and let go of the clips. The child stumbled backward fell to the floor. She immediately scrambled to her feet and ran to Joe. The child pressed her face into his stomach and sobbed, "Please daddy," she moaned, "make him stop hurting me."

Joe reached down and stroked his daughter's hair, the fact that the man was enjoying this almost as much as Andy was evident from both the lust in his eyes and the bulge in his knickers. "Now now honey," he said, "Be a good girl and lay down so that Andy can rape you okay."

Shannon glared up at her father, "Daddy!" she cried.

"Lay down on the fucking rug bitch," muttered Andy, "Unless that is you WANT to be punished more."

"Lay down," echoed Joe.

Shannon walked into the centre of the room, she looked as though she was completely lost, and with nothing else to do she sat down on the rug, and then laid down, "Now that's a good Fuck Baby," said Andy, "Okay Joe, now a nice job for you, and I know you'll like this, you get to lick her out for me. I want her all nice and wet for when I try and fuck her."

Joe smiled, "Yes," he said and walked over to his daughter, he knelt down beside her and lowered his face between her legs.

"Open up for your slut father," said Andy.

Shannon let out another loud sob and spread her legs to allow her father access to her small hairless cunt. Joe immediately set about licking the eight-year-old girl's pussy. The child soon began to moan between sobs, her body started to move with involuntary jolts of pleasure.

Andy smiled, it was always nice to see such a show of affection. Andy stood up and quickly stripped his clothes off. He had to stop it, the little slut looked like she was enjoying it. "Okay, my turn now my cock sucking whore,"

Without hesitation Joe left his daughter's sweet cunt behind and brought his head up he took Andy's cock into his hands and opened his mouth. The man took Andy's cock inside his mouth. Joe was a good cock sucker, and it wasn't long before Andy felt himself being drawn towards orgasm, so he pulled out of his mouth, "Steady on," he muttered, "I actually do want to fuck this kid."

"Sorry got carried away," said Joe with a grin.

Andy sighed and looked down on Shannon, well at least she had stopped crying. She stared up at the two men in absolute terror. Andy smiled at Shannon and knelt down beside her, he reached between her legs and pushed his fingers inside the tight snatch. His smile widened as his fingers pressed against the child's hymen. Oh he was going to enjoy this, "You ever had anything other than fingers inside there?" he asked.

"N-no sir," said Shannon.

"What about your daddy's tongue? And what about your mummy's tongue, and Katie's, and Ms Bitch?" asked Andy.

"B-but..." started Shannon.

Andy slapped the child across the face, "You lied to me you little fuck whore," he snarled.

"I didn't think!" screamed Shannon.

Andy slapped the child a second time, "Right once I'm done raping you I am going to punish you for lying to me and for screaming at me. Also remember I promised I'd whip your cunt earlier."

"Oh please stop it," sobbed Shannon.

Andy just smiled and straddled the child. Andy could feel Joe's hand around his cock. The father quickly guided his daughter's rapist's cock into her cunt. Once inside Andy took over and pushed slowly inwards. Before he even reached the child's hymen Andy felt Joe press his face against his ass. The tongue pushed inside to lick at Andy's asshole. Andy came to rest at Shannon's hymen and allowed himself just a moment to enjoy the man licking his ass. Then thrust in tearing through Shannon's virginity.

The child screamed. Andy reached down for the child's two clipped nipples and took hold of them. He twisted them. Shannon's screams intensified and Andy forced deeper into the preteen cunt. The man pulled out a few inches and plunged himself back into the screaming girl. There was nothing better in life than a little girl's first rape. It was even better having her father there licking his ass as well. Andy quickly picked up speed forcing his cock in and out of the tiny cunt. Shannon yelled and screamed beneath him. Joe kept himself busy sucking and licking on Andy's asshole.

Finally Andy came. He grunted loudly as his cock pumped the child full of cum. He groaned and slowly withdrew his cock. A trail of blood and cum seeped from the hole onto the rug. Andy smiled. That was nice. "Okay Joe you Cock-sucking Slaveslut," said Andy, "You can clean me and then you can clean Shannon. You'd better hurry up all the cum is leaking out of her cunt."

Joe moved around from behind and took Andy's semi hard cock into his mouth. The man groaned, as he tasted his daughter's cunt on Andy's cock. Joe quickly cleaned Andy's cock of all the cunt-juice, cum, and blood that clung to the shaft. Joe then quickly moved to his daughter's cunt. He pressed his mouth over his daughter's tiny slit and begun to suck Andy's load from the bleeding hole. Andy sat himself back into the chair and just watched as Shannon's Daddy ate her.

After about ten minutes Shannon was once again groaning in pleasure, but now Andy didn't mind. Let her enjoy the moment there would be plenty of time later for her to scream in agony. Teri entered the room and frowned, "Oh shit," she muttered, "Don't tell me I missed it."

Andy shook his head, "Don't tell me that you didn't hear the screaming," he said, "Is dinner ready?"

"Yes sir," said Teri.

"Good, we'll eat. Then I can get down to some serious fun with you all. You didn't make any for Katie did you?" he asked.

Teri's eyes flickered towards the door, "Err, yes sir," she said.

Andy sighed, and shook his head, "I swear you all must LOVE being hurt. You can't seem to get enough of it any of you."

"I'm sorry sir," murmured Teri.

"Well you will be that's for sure," said Andy, "Come here."

Teri's eyes flickered towards Joe.

"Am I talking to myself whore?" snapped Andy.

"No sir," said Teri quickly, "Sorry."

The woman crossed the room quickly and stood in front of Andy. The man gently stroked the woman's cheek, "Now in future when one of your droppings is naughty you do not make them dinner. It is perfectly simple, and we won't have to go through this again will we?"

"No sir we..." Teri dropped silent as Andy struck her across the face. She took in a deep breath and rubbed her cheek where he had slapped her. Tears brimmed in her eyes.

"Kneel down," said Andy.

Teri bit her lower lip gently and slowly got to her knees in front of the man. Andy reached down and took hold of her hair. He pulled her head back causing the woman to gasp with pain. Andy stoked the red mark in the woman's face, "Put your hands behind your back," he said.

"Yes sir," breathed Teri and she moved her arms behind her.

Keeping hold of the woman's hair Andy took a step back to allow himself some more room. He then struck the woman across the face with the back of his hand. Teri let out a small cry, but her hands stayed locked together behind her back. The tears started to drip from her eyes, along with a thin trail of blood that leaked from a small split in her bottom lip, "You may go and serve our dinner now slut."

"Yes sir," said the woman.

Andy released her hair and she scrambled to her feet and into the kitchen. Andy turned to Shannon, "Come here darling," he said.

Shannon squirmed and rolled over onto her front and slowly managed to get to her knees, "Are you going to hit me?" she asked.

"Now that depends, if you get over here now then yes. If you don't I'm going to kick the shit out of you," said Andy with a smile.

Shannon's eyes went wide with terror and she quickly got to her feet and walked to Andy, "Please don't hit me," she sobbed as she came to a stop next to him.

Andy laughed, "I'm not going to hit you NOW," he said, "I'll do that later, I was going to untie your hands, don't you want them untied?"

"Oh yes please," said Shannon and she shuffled around.

"Did you like drinking my cum from your mummy's mouth?" he asked.

Shannon shrugged, "It was okay," she said.

"Now that's good," said Andy fiddling with the knotted string that held her wrists tightly together, "Cause I'm gonna make your daddy squirt it all over your dinner."

Shannon let out a small whine.

"What's wrong now, you should be happy," said Andy, "I could make him piss over your dinner, or I could put you in with Katie, and you can go without dinner."

"I'm not really hungry," murmured Shannon.

Andy suspected that that was quite true. The girl had been repeatedly abused and raped in a single day, she could hardly be expected to have much of an appetite, "Well darling, if you really want to lay in a bath of piss, tied up in a tiny space where it really stinks, and have either your mummy or daddy come with a belt to beat you every few hours during the night you are quite welcome to it."

Shannon shook her head, "I am happy," she whispered, "That my daddy is going to cum on my dinner sir."

"That's good," Andy said, "Fucking knot."

Andy grabbed his jeans from the floor and took his keys from the pocket then used one to saw through the string. Finally he broke one strand and was able to unwrap it from the child's hand. As soon as they were free Shannon pulled them around in front of her. She rubbed them together for a few moments, then banged them against her legs. After a second she lifted her left hand to her mouth and bit onto her thumb, "I can't feel them," she whined.

"Give it chance," said Andy, "Now turn around."

The child did as she was told. Andy reached down and flicked on each of the clips, "Ow," moaned Shannon, "Stop it."

Andy smiled and took hold of the clips and opened them. Shannon gasped. Her mouth opened to scream but Andy beat her to it. He lent forwards and pushed his tongue inside. Then used his hand to clamp the child's face to his. Shannon struggled for several moments before Andy let her go. She stumbled backwards and glared at Andy. She held her stare for all of a second before her face crumpled up and she started yet a gain to cry.

Andy sighed and stroked the child's face, "What about being fucked did you like that?"

Shannon shrugged, "It hurt," she said, "You were just trying to hurt me."

Andy shook his head, "True enough I suppose," he said, "Come on into the other room."

Shannon turned around immediately and headed for the dining room, followed closely by Andy, and Joe. Teri was already sat down at the table, and the places were set with the food. Andy turned to Joe, "Okay, Fuck Slut, you know what to do," he said, he then pushed Shannon to him, "You can rub it against her if you need any help."

Joe didn't need any more encouragement to take his cock from his panties and rub it against Shannon's sore nipples. The child moaned as her already tortured flesh was again disturbed, as her father used her body to stimulate his maturation.

Andy moved around the table pulled up a chair and sat close to Teri, he ran one hand over her smallish breasts, and the other edged between her thighs. Andy pushed his fingers into Teri's cunt. The woman spread her legs wide to allow the man entrance, "Ahh," said Andy, "So many holes so little cum."

Andy leant over and pressed his mouth against Teri's. The woman met his tongue with her own, and her hands moved over the man's body until they found his cock. Andy and Teri let their hands move over the other's body until Andy heard Joe begin to groan. Andy looked up to see Shannon knelt in front of her father while he frantically rubbed the head of his cock over her face, eventually he turned away from his daughter and pumped a huge load of hot white cum over her meal.

Shannon opened her eyes, and frowned as she watched Joe wipe the last residue of cum onto the side of her plate, "Really I'm not hungry," she tried again.

"Now now, Slut," said Andy, "You can't back out now, he's cummed already. You've got to learn you can't waste cum like that. Somebody's got to eat it, and the rest of us have our own dinner's to eat, so it has to be you."

"Katie can eat it," said Shannon.

"No she can't," said Andy, "She's been a bad girl, I can't reward her with a nice cum covered dinner. Nope it is going to have to be you even if I have to force it down your throat myself. Do you still want to argue?"

Shannon let out a loud moan, "No sir," she mumbled.

"Good come sit next to me, I want to make sure you get every drop."

Shannon picked up her plate and carried it to the place next to Andy, she sat down silently and poked her fork into the food, "Oh, this is horrible," she moaned.

"I don't care, you are going to eat it. Unless you want me to whip you first, either way you'll still eat it," said Andy.

Shannon lifted the fork between her lips and immediately swallowed the contents. Andy raised his hand and smacked her hard across the back of the head. The child was knocked forwards, "Chew your food," he told her.

Shannon's started to tremble. Her body shook back and forth, her mouth opened but all that came out was a choked sob.

Andy laughed and ruffled her hair, "Eat," he said.

Shannon took some more of the cum covered food onto her fork and placed it into her mouth and slowly started to chew on it.

Andy put his arm around her shoulders and hugged the crying child, "See now that's much better my little torture toy. Now all you need to do it do that for the rest of it and we'll all be happy."

"I'm not hungry," moaned Shannon again.

Andy frowned and let the child go. The little girl sat back up and looked at Andy and received a hard slap across her cheek. Shannon shrieked and covered her face with her hands, "You are hungry when I tell you are hungry," snarled Andy, "Now eat."

Shannon moaned a little more but picked back up her fork and continued to feed herself the mixture of food and cum.

Andy looked up at the child's parents; Joe was sat with a mouthful of food with a wide grin plastered to his lips. Teri wasn't in much of a better state, the lust was clearly evident in her eyes. As twisted as they come, these two. Katie and Shannon should consider themselves lucky to have parents like this. Andy certainly thought himself lucky that these beautiful children had these two sluts as their parents.

Shannon stayed absolutely silent during the rest of the meal, though Andy, Teri and Joe, chatted like old friends. Shannon was also the last one to finish her nibbling at it like she was. But not too long after the adults had finished Shannon cleared her plate, "Now darling, make sure you lick up the last drops of your slut daddy's cum," said Andy

Shannon muttered something under her breath but lifted the plate up from the table and licked the last globs of cum from the ceramic surface.

Andy reached across and stroked her hair, "Now I bet you feel better for that," he said.

Shannon just shook her head.

"Now of course you do. Okay, darling what I want you to do is go and get yourself a nice pretty pair of panties to wear, like your daddy's, then you can help him clear everything up," said Andy, "Now when you've got them on I want you to come and wait in this room okay. We're going to give pay Katie a visit."

Shannon nodded and quickly walked from the room.

Andy turned back to Joe and Teri, "Right shall go see your little Slut daughter then?"

Both parents nodded quickly. They were nearly as eager as Andy was.

The faint glimmer of hope that shone in Katie's eyes faded as Andy pushed his grinning face inches from the child. The smell of cold stale piss was strong on the child, "You know what Katie, I've got your Filthy slut daddy here, and he says that he wants to suck on your asshole. Isn't that sweet of him?"

Katie moaned around her gag.

"Yes it is," continued Andy, "and you know what I've decided that, you deserve to have your ass beaten until it bleeds, just because it is so gorgeous and fat.

Katie gave a long whine and started to wriggle. Andy stood back up so he could see the naked child squirm in the puddle of piss. "Okay Cock Sucker you can take her out now," he said.

Joe immediately reached in and lifted his daughter from the back of the car. He hung the child over the side of the boot so that her ass was suck high in the air. The piss that had clung to her body now ran down her legs and dripped from her toes, "Now my ass licking slut," said Andy, "What should we do about all that dirty piss on her ass. I think you'd better clean it up don't you?"

"Yes sir," said Joe.

The man sunk to his knees behind his daughter, he parted his lips and started to suck on the child's piss drenched skin. Andy reached down and stroked Katie's hair, "Oh darling I feel sorry for you," he said, "Having such a filthy pathetic father. Don't worry honey, I'm going to make sure he gets everything he deserves for being such a slut."

"Okay sissy daddy," said Andy, "You can suck on her asshole now, I know you want to. Make sure you get it really wet I'm going to want to fuck it as soon as I've finished beating her."

"Thank you," moaned Joe and he used his hands to part Katie's ass cheeks.

The man stared at the hole for a fraction of a second before he extended his tongue and started to force it into his six-year-old daughter.

Katie let out a small moan from behind her gag and Andy smiled, the little slut obviously enjoyed having her ass licked. "Will this do sir?"

Andy looked up at Teri, the woman carried in her hand a four foot long green bamboo garden cane, "I don't know," said Andy, "Give it here."

Teri crossed the garage and handed the man the cane. Andy turned it over in his hands a number of times and then swung it against Teri's leg. The woman gasped, her hand immediately went down to rub against the red line, which had risen on her thigh. "I'm still not sure whether this will hurt the little slut enough. What do you think Joe?" Then he gave a hard swing across the man's back.

Joe grunted, and his back arched under the blow "That's quite painful," the man moaned around his daughter's asshole.

"Yes, but I've got my heart set on making the little whore scream her lungs out. But I think the both of you believe that this cane is capable of that. If I'm not satisfied I'm just going to take it out on all four of you."

"Yes sir," said Teri.

"Good," said Andy, "Right, Joe my dirty ass licker, that's enough, I'll let you suck my cock before I put it in there, okay."

With obvious reluctance Joe pulled his tongue from Katie's asshole and shuffled out of the way. Andy took up position behind the little girl, "Okay you little whore," said Andy, "As you know you've been a VERY bad little fuck slave, and I'm going to punish you a lot for it, just to make sure that you are never bad and filthy again."

With that Andy gave the small child an exceptionally vicious blow to her ass. For his effort Andy was rewarded with what he wanted. The child screamed her little head off, even muffled by the gag it was still an impressive scream. Andy's grin stretched from ear to ear, he hit her again. Then made it three... six... twelve. At fourteen the cane snapped in two, and Andy stopped. He waited a few moments to catch his breath and wait for Katie to stop her screaming. Andy sighed and turned to Joe and Teri who were both knelt side by side five yards from the car, their hands trailed over each other's body, "As I think you've both guessed, I'm not satisfied," he said, "You are going to pay for that."

"But sir," said Teri, "You were hitting her VERY hard."

"I don't give a shit, I wasn't finished. And Teri what have I told you about buts?" said Andy.

Teri lowered her head, "There are no buts sir," she mumbled.

"That is right whore. Now I'm going to give this child's ass the fucking it is begging for, then we'll see about having you two, and of course that little slut upstairs, receive some of this torture I've been promising you. I am looking forwards to hearing you scream Teri."

Teri bit on her lower lip and nodded.

"Now Joe, didn't I promise you a suck on my cock before I put it in your child?"

Joe licked his lips and nodded eagerly.

"You'd better make it good," Andy said, "because until you start being a good slut this is about as close as you are going to get to having a cock that will go into one of the little whores. In fact the way you're going at the moment the whole fucking street, is further up the line than you. I wonder what your neighbours would think if you took this little slut to all the houses and begged everyone to fuck her?"

With that Andy pushed his stiff cock into Joe's face. The man immediately opened his mouth to take it inside. Andy sighed as the man expertly worked on his shaft. Andy let himself enjoy it for several moments, as eager as he was to fuck Katie's gorgeous ass he was in no danger of cumming any time soon. However the attraction of fucking a six-year-old girls ass was far more than continuing the admittedly great cock sucking session with her father. Andy pulled out of the man's mouth, "You'd better make sure her ass is wet enough to take me inside," he said.

Joe smiled and crawled back behind his daughter to once again plunge his tongue into the child's asshole.

Andy let the man do it for several seconds before he pushed Joe away. "Get behind me and start rimming," Andy told him.

"Yes sir," said Joe eagerly.

"And Teri, you come here as well."

The petite woman stood up and walked quickly to Andy, "What should I do sir?" she asked.

"Well for starters... That's right Joe push your tongue right in there, don't forget my balls as well." Said Andy, "For starters you can help me push my cock into the bitch's ass. Then I think, you can help me hurt her a little. Part of that cane is still good I'm sure. When I say get the longest bit and start beating the crap out of the slut."

Teri was silent and still for a moment then reached down to take hold of Andy's fat cock and rub the head against the child's asshole. "When do you want to go sir?" she asked.

Andy said nothing but rather started to push against the tiny hole. Teri held it in place and lent over to run her tongue over Andy's shaft. Katie started to moan loudly as her asshole slowly stretched around the head of Andy's cock. With a scream from Katie the muscle finally gave way and let Andy plunge two inches straight into the child's ass. Andy groaned, and forced more of his cock inside her. "Okay, Teri, you can start to whip the little slut now."

As Teri raised her head from between Katie and Andy the man drove a further inch inside the six-year-old girl. The child was squirming about screaming desperately. The only effect it had on Andy was to urge him on harder into the child's asshole. Joe had moved down and was starting to work on Andy's balls with his mouth.

Now there was only one thing missing. The now three foot long cane slapped against Katie's slim back. Leaving a deep red mark in its wake. That was it. Andy lost all self-control and all sense of time. He grabbed the child and started to drive hard into her asshole. He pumped her hard for what seemed like only minutes before he shot his load up her ass. However the thin red welts that littered the back of the limp sobbing child told a different story.

Andy moaned and pulled his deflating cock from her ass delighted to watch his cum run out and down her legs. "Quick Joe, you're letting some cum go to waste," said Andy.

It was almost a shame when the man took his mouth from Andy's balls to catch the trail of cum that was running over his daughter's foot with his tongue. Andy turned to Teri still holding the cane but long ago had stopped using it. She'd get punished for that of course, lust and concern over her daughter's plight feuded in her eyes. "Make yourself useful bitch," said Andy and he grabbed the woman's hair.

Teri cried out with the sudden pain as Andy pulled her face to his cock. Knowing what was required of her Teri took his cock in her hands and fed it into her mouth to suck it clean after it's trip up her daughter's ass. Andy groaned, "Okay Joe, you pathetic slut," he said, "That's enough put her away now."

"Yes sir," said Joe, but he still took a short while before he pulled his face from his child's ass.

The man lifted the small child and tucked her back away in the car laying her once again in the pool of piss. As soon as her sore red and in many places broken skin touched the yellow acidic fluid the child started the scream, Andy couldn't suppress a laugh, "What's wrong doll?" he asked, "It sting? I bet you really wish you hadn't pissed yourself now don't you?"

Joe looked up at Andy and licked his lips.

Andy grinned, "Okay," he sighed, "Take a piss over the little slut if you want. I don't fucking well care, you're the one whose got to clean it all up in the morning."

Teri pulled off of Andy's cock and looked up at him, "Can I help please sir?" she asked.

Andy laughed and shook his head, "Okay, do it slut."

Teri grinned and stood up, she went to her husband's side, took his cock in her hands and aimed it at Katie's tearful face. Joe sighed and his piss launched from his cock and stuck his beautiful darling daughter straight between the eyes. Teri slowly moved Joe's cock around making sure that she covered Katie's entire face with her Joe's piss. Andy waited until the last trickle had fallen over Katie's sweet face, before he closed the boot down again once again locking the tiny six-year-old into the dark stinking space.

Andy smiled, he felt rather satisfied with himself, he looked down at the small puddle of piss that had formed under where Katie had been hung, Andy's smile grew into a grin, "Now you two don't you think that you'd better clean that up?" he said pointing at the mess.

Both Joe and Teri sunk to their knees and pressed their faces to the garage floor. Andy laughed as he watched their tongues fight over the few drops of piss that stained it.


This story is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Family in Torment - Chapter Two - Sorry for the kids

WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to read this type of literature, or if you are under age, please leave now.

Family in Torment

Written by Alocer Loki

Chapter 2 - Sorry for the kids

Of the dozen people that they must have past as they walked from the sports centre not one spared a second glance at the sobbing child wrapped in a large jacket, and being led along by a strange man. It kind of made Andy wonder if anybody would notice if you snatched a child from the streets. Not that it really mattered, it was much easier and far safer to do it this way. "Oh for fuck sakes kid stop your snivelling," he spat.

Shannon sniffed, "Sorry," she whispered, "Where are you taking me?"

Andy sighed, "I've told you slut face, I'm taking you home, where your mummy and Daddy are, what the fuck do you think I am a kidnapper?"

The child stayed silent, of course that is what she thought, it's exactly what Andy would have thought if some strange man appeared out of the blue and raped his ass. Andy led her across the car park to his car and glanced around before he slipped the key into the back and lifted the boot. Beside him Shannon gasped, Andy smiled down at the tightly bound child in the boot. She lay in a large plastic tub, which encompassed most of the space in the boot, her lower half thrashed about erratically. The small six-year-old stared at him, her tear brimmed blue-grey eyes showed her desperation. Where as Shannon was a beautiful child, Katie was absolutely gorgeous. Her slender body and rounded face made the child just that much more adorable. Her hair though the same colour as Shannon's was much shorter coming only to her slim shoulders. Andy put the bag in beside the tub and leant down close to the child letting his hand rest on her slim thigh, "What's up," he asked, "you still need the bathroom?"

Andy let his hand trail up her leg and under her small pink dress, Katie nodded and a muffled moan came from under her gag. Andy started to rub the child's cunt through her knickers, "Well we're going home now, so you've got to hold it for just a little longer," he said and stood up and closed the boot on the child.

"Sir," said Shannon, "What's Katie doing in the trunk?"

Andy looked down on Shannon, "She got on my nerves complaining about the toilet, while we were waiting for you to finish playing with Ms Bitch."

"Oh," said Shannon.

Andy walked up the passenger side of the car and opened the door, "Right darling take the jacket off and in you get," he said.

"Take it off?"

"Yes slut off, don't worry nobody will see you when your in the car the windows are black."

"Yes sir, but how?" she asked.

Andy smiled, he'd forgotten he'd tied her hands, "Just get in," he said.

The child climbed onto the seat and sat awkwardly forwards to allow room for her arms behind her back. Paul reached down and pulled his jacket from her. He closed the car door and put the jacket back on before walking around to the other side to get in. "You feeling okay?" he asked Shannon.

The girl looked at Andy, "N-not really sir, I feel kind of sick."

"Well I'm not surprised really. I just want you to know your still going to get your cunt whipped when we get home. And just to add to your discomfort I've got a little present in here." Andy reached down and pulled open the glove compartment to remove a dildo. It was smaller than his cock was, but Andy hadn't expected to fuck this child so soon, "Do you know what I'm going to do with this?" he asked.

"Put it in my thing sir?" asked Shannon.

"Nope Cum Sucker I'm going to push it inside your ass," he said.

"Oh no sir not in there please," moaned Shannon, "It's so sore."

"Well that the point slut," muttered Andy, "now roll onto your side and push your ass towards me."

Shannon stared at him for a few moments, "But..." Andy struck her across the face. She stared at him, her tears ran down her cheeks and gathered into large drops on her chin.

"Now do it Baby Fuck," he said.

Shannon rolled to the side and stuck her ass out towards him, Andy smiled as he looked at the small hole, it was still open from her fucking. Andy placed the head of the dildo against it and pushed it in. Shannon let out a small cry. "Okay slut you can sit up now," he said.

"Oh please sir," she moaned.

Andy slapped Shannon across the thigh, "Sit up," he said again.

"Ow!" cried Shannon. She stayed still for a moment then shifted around rising her ass from the seat so that she could get upright.

"I said SIT," said Andy.

Slowly the crying child lowered herself onto the seat pushing the dildo further inside. Andy reached back inside the glove compartment and took out two crocodile clips. They had once been connected to electrical wire but that had long ago been removed. They weren't particularly large, but were big enough to clamp to cover the whole of Shannon's small nipples. Andy opened the sharp teeth of the first clip and watched, as her eyes widened, "Oh please sir don't do that," she moaned, and started to shift towards the door.

Andy smiled, "I'm gonna make you wear these until I've had my chance to rape you darling."

"No please sir don't," she cried and twisted her body to face away from Andy.

Andy reached forwards and grabbed Shannon by the hair, and yanked her head back. The child screamed, "Let me go, I wanna go home."

"Listen slut," spat Andy, "This is the last time I'm going to tell you. I am taking you home. Now unless you want me to really hurt you, you will sit up straight and I will put these clips on."

"No," mumbled Shannon.

Andy yanked on Shannon's hair pulling her across the seat until she was laying over his lap. Her eyes fixed on the clamp in Andy's hand, her body squirmed as Andy placed the clip over her left nipple, "This is your first lesson bitch slave. If I want to do something to you it will happen." And he let the clamp close. As the teeth bit into the soft sensitive skin Shannon started to scream and Andy was forced to clamp his hand over her mouth, "Shut it." He snapped at her. With his free hand he took the second clip and attached it to her other nipple.

Andy kept his hand clasped over the child's mouth for several minutes waiting for her to calm down. Finally she stated to breath a little more deeply and slowly and Andy took his hand away. Shannon sniffed and licked the spit from her lips, "P-please take them off... Please," she sobbed.

Andy smiled, "I told you I'm going to leave them on you until I have a chance to rape you."

"Then rape me please," cried Shannon.

"You see it doesn't work like that bitch, you can't want me to rape you because that means it isn't rape. Besides I want your daddy to see me do it," said Andy, "Now fuck slave turn over I want you to suck my cock on the way home."

"I can't," moaned Shannon, "Please don't make me move it hurts."
Andy sighed and reached down to take hold of both clips, "What you've got to learn Cunt, is that no matter how much something hurts you. If you refuse to do it I will hurt you a lot more." Andy started to lift the clips upwards stretching the child's nipples out. Shannon screamed and tried to rise her body with the clips.
"STOP!" screamed Shannon.

Andy started to twist the clips, bringing Shannon's screams to a new height. Andy let go and her body fell back into his lap. Andy once again clamped his hand over her mouth until she stopped screaming. "Now turn over," he told her again.

Shannon let out an incomprehensible mumble and tried to shift over. Andy reached down to her and helped her roll over so that her face was pressed into his lap. He reached down below her and unzipped the front of his jeans and let his again stiff cock come out and press into Shannon's face. Almost instantly the child opened her mouth to let it in. Andy sighed and pressed her face further onto his cock.

Andy let the child work on him for a few seconds then started the car to take her home.

The car pulled into the garage and the door slowly closed behind it. Andy reached down and cut the engine. Shannon took her face from his cock and blinked, "We're home," she said somewhat surprised.

Andy sighed and reached down to grab her hair, he yanked her head up. Shannon cried out, "I told you a dozen times that I was taking you home you little slut," he said, "You called me a liar so I'm going to have to hurt you."

"No, I'm sorry," moaned Shannon.

"Shut up baby slut," snapped Andy, "If I say you are going to be punished then you are going to be punished, now get out."

"Can you take these off me," said Shannon.

Andy reached forwards and flicked each of the clips, "I told you not until you've been raped."

Shannon lowered her head and began to sob, "Ow! When will that be?"

"I told you when your fucking father gets here. Now get out," said Andy.

"What about this thing from my butt?" moaned Shannon.

Andy raised his hand and slapped the child across the face. Shannon froze, tears dripped down her cheeks, "Listen fuck slut, get out of the fucking car," said Andy.

Shannon nodded turned to the door, "I can't," she sobbed.

Andy smiled, her hands were tied of course she couldn't, "Oh well, it looks like that's two punishments before I can rape you."

"But I can't!" screamed Shannon.

Andy opened his door and climbed out he walked around the car and opened Shannon's door the child put a foot out. Andy reached in to grab a handful of hair, "That's three for shouting at me."

"No please," cried Shannon as Andy dragged her from the car.

He dragged her around the car until she stood next to the boot of the car, "Now stay still," he said, "Understand?"

"Yes," murmured Shannon.

Andy sighed and reached down to open the boot. When Katie saw Andy she once again started to thrash around. Andy smiled at the little girl and lent over to take off her gag, as soon as the rag was taken from her mouth the little girl gasped, "Oh please sir I really need to go bathroom."

"I'm really pleased with you," said Andy, "I thought you would pee yourself."

"Please quickly," moaned Katie.

Andy ignored the child and reached down to lift up her dress, he smiled and started to rub her crotch, "Oh please," she moaned again.

"Shut it," snapped Andy and he gave the child a hard slap across the legs.

Katie caught her breath and stayed silent for several moments, she started to groan. Andy couldn't help but smile as a tiny wet stain appeared on the front of her knickers. Andy reached down and took hold of Katie's sandy hair, he closed his hand around it and quickly yanked it up, Katie screamed, "Why did you piss yourself?" snarled Andy. "I didn't!" screamed Katie.
Andy slapped the child across her face, and was delighted when she finally released her urine, if you can't coax it out force it out, "You disgusting child," spat Andy.

"It was your fault," sobbed Katie.

"Shannon, go get your mother, and tell her to bring a knife," said Andy.

"No," Andy turned to Shannon who backed away, she then squeaked into a tiny voice, "Don't kill Katie."

Andy smiled, "I'm not going to kill Katie, but I might kill you if you don't go and get your fucking slut mother. Tell her to bring a knife with her."

Shannon shuffled around and walked quickly towards the door.

"Please sir I didn't mean it," sobbed Katie.

Andy turned back to the child lying in the puddle of her own piss, "I don't care if you meant to do it or not slut. I'm going to make you lay in your mess until you've had a chance to think about what you've done."

"I've thought please!"

Andy smiled, "Nice try but I'm talking about hours, slut face. I'm going to lock you in there all alone for hours."

"No please don't do that again."

"Think of how smelly it will be laying here in your piss for so long," teased Andy, "And I'm going to punish you before I let you begin to think about what you have done," said Andy.

"Please, let me out," cried Katie.

Andy sighed, he grabbed the rag he'd used to gag the little slut and soaked it in the girls piss, he balled it up and held it close to her face, "Open up," he said.

The child pressed her lips together and shook her head.

"Okay will you be quiet then?" he asked.

The child nodded.

"I want you to promise me that you will not make another noise."

The child nodded again.

"Say it."


Andy laughed as he pressed the urine soaked cloth into the child's mouth, "You dopey cunt," he muttered, as he pulled the tie around her mouth to tie it in, "Now you've got to taste it as well, until I decide to let you out."

Katie moaned loudly.

"Mommy please let me go," cried Shannon.

"I said no," Teri replied.

Andy turned to and smiled as Shannon was led back into the garage by her mother, "Please it hurts," cried Shannon, "He'll hurt me again."

"I know honey, but we have to do it, he'll hurt me too, and your daddy," she said.

"But why," cried Shannon.

"Oh for fuck sakes Cunt face shut up," shouted Andy, "You are going to be hurt because I want to hurt you. You don't need to know anything else."


"I said shut it," said Andy, "One more word from you and I'll cut out your fucking tongue."

Shannon closed her mouth and shook her head.

Andy sighed, "At long last," he muttered, "Your incessant whining is enough to drive a man mad, now Shannon, what I want you to do is pee all over your baby sister okay."

Shannon pulled a face, "No I can't do that," she said.

Andy smiled, "I am going to have to hurt you for that. But first to show you what I want your dirty whore mother is going to piss over your little sister lover."

Teri hesitated.

Andy sighed, "Go and get me the strap piss whore."

"But..." started Teri.

Andy took the two steps across the garage to reach Teri and punched the woman in the stomach. Teri bowed forwards and her knees bucked under her. Andy grabbed her by her hair. "Leave my mom alone!" screamed Shannon.

Andy reached out to his left and pushed Shannon. The child stumbled backwards and fell to the floor. She screamed as the impact forced the dildo even further into her ass. Andy pulled Teri's head up; "There are no buts whore. You will go and get the strap, and you will be naked by the time you get back. You have thirty seconds."

Andy let go of Teri's hair and the woman stumbled straight for the door. Andy glanced down at his watch and waited for the woman returned. When she did, she was indeed naked, and carried the thick leather strap in her hands. "Thrifty two seconds," muttered Andy, "That is three times you have disobeyed me slut."

"Sorry," moaned Teri.

Andy lent over to retrieve the large kitchen knife from the floor where Teri had dropped it. Absently he tested the edge with his thumb as he turned to Katie. The little girl screwed up her eyes as Andy eased the blade under the waistband of the child's knickers. He pulled it up cutting through the fabric and elastic with a little effort. He eased the knife through the other side and pulled the child's knickers from her body exposing her beautiful hairless cunt. Andy ran his finger through the small groove for a few moments then smiled and preceded to cut the rest of the clothes from the child's body. Stopping only once she was completely naked, sparing only the ropes used to tie her hands and feet. Andy turned to Teri "Get over here, I want you to press your face into Katie's cunt. I know you like the taste of little preteen cunts, and I don't want you enjoying yourself so your tongue stay's inside your mouth."

"Yes sir," said Teri.

The woman walked over to the car and pushed her face inside and pressed it against her daughter's crotch. Andy turned to her and took the strap from the woman's hands. He turned the stiff leather in his hand. The surface of one side was covered in short but sharp metal studs, between the studs' holes were bored through the leather to prevent any cushion of air that might form beneath it. "A mere beating is no way for you to repay me for your disobedience so this is just a warm up to your punishment later. That is after we lock Katie away in her smelly room."

"Please don't hit her," cried Shannon.

"You you little fuck whore, will shut up. In fact get here, you can have the same as your fucking mother."

"No!" cried Shannon, her feet scrambled against the floor.

The child shifted across the floor away from Andy. The man took three steps to catch her and grabbed the child by the hair. He pulled her up to her feet and pressed his face close to hers, "I told you to come to me slut. Learn now and you'll save yourself a lot of pain. Do what you are told when you are told. Is that clear."

"Yes," sobbed Shannon.

Andy dragged the child across the floor and pushed her over the back of the car pressing her face against her sisters stomach, "Now you stay there, is that clear,"

"Yes," moaned the child.

"Okay, now that is sorted out, I am going to hit the fuck whore mother then you Shannon, okay?"

Both mother and daughter moaned in agreement and Andy readied himself behind Teri. He lifted his arm and brought it down hard across Teri's ass. The woman gasped loudly. Andy pulled his arm back up and brought the strap down hard across Shannon's backside. The little girl screamed in pain.

Andy continued to hit mother and daughter alternately until both their backsides were a deep red in colour. Blood seeped from small cuts on both asses. With both of them sobbing into little Katie Andy stopped, "Now let that be a lesson to you all," he said, "I mean what I say."

Andy reached down to Shannon's ass, and pulled out the dildo leaving a large gaping hole, "Now I've decided that one of you two is going to have her ass fucked, and the other is going to have her face fucked. Shannon, what would you rather, to have me fuck your little slut ass or suck my cock after its been put inside your mothers ass?"

Shannon just kept crying.

"I don't like to be kept waiting fuck face, do I need to beat the answer out of you?" threatened Andy.

"No!" screamed Shannon, "Let me suck you please," she moaned.

"Now that's better whore. In future if you answer me when you are told I might let you have what you want."

"Please no," moaned Shannon.

Andy pressed her face back into Katie's stomach and with his other hand placed his cock at her still gaping asshole. Andy quickly thrust in. Shannon screamed as the man again violated her back entrance. Andy started to pump in and out of the tiny tight asshole. Shannon screamed with every stroke. Andy smiled, he liked it when they screamed. As a result Andy soon felt himself being drawn towards orgasm. He somewhat reluctantly pulled his cock from Shannon's ass. He reached over and grabbed Teri's hair and pulled her from her child's crouch and pressed the woman against his own. The woman immediately opened her mouth to take the stiff cock inside.

Teri gagged as the man forced his cock down her throat. Andy fucked the woman's face for several minutes before pulling back so that just the head of his cock rested inside her mouth and he filled it with his cum. "Remember what I told you?" asked Andy as he pulled his cock from her.

Teri moaned her acknowledgement around the mouthful of sperm. The woman reached down to Shannon and took hold of her head, she gently lifted her crying daughter up and looked at her. Teri smiled slightly pressed her mouth to Shannon's. Shannon was obviously familiar with this game, she opened her mouth to accept Andy's cum inside. "Remember to swallow it all Shannon," advised Andy, though he needn't have bothered, the little girl was already gulping down the cum greedily from her mother's mouth.

"See," said Andy, "You can be good little whores. Now you both ready to piss all over Katie?"

There was a small moan from Katie in response. Teri was the first to speak, "Yes sir," she said, "I am ready to piss over her."

"How about you Fuck Slut?" asked Andy, "Do you want to spray your filth all over the dirty little Spunk-Bucket?"

"Yes sir," murmured Shannon.

"What do you want to do?"

"I want to pee all over my little sister sir," said Shannon.

"That's a good little slave," said Andy, "Teri you first, climb in, I want your cunt close enough to her face that she can smell it."

"Yes sir," murmured Teri.

The small woman climbed into the back of the car, and positioned her self on her hands and knees over her daughter. It was a but of a tight squeeze but Teri was small enough to get in.

Andy smiled and turned to Shannon absently he took hold of one of her nipple clips and started to pull on it, "Ahh," moaned the child.

"I don't think these are hurting as much now are they?" asked Andy.

"They still hurt," moaned Shannon.

"Sir shall I piss now?" asked Teri.

"Yes slut get on with it," muttered Andy, and he turned his attention back to Shannon, "But they don't hurt the same amount when I put them on do they?"

Shannon shook her head.

Teri grunted and a stream of steaming piss sprayed from her cunt hitting the six-year-old girl squarely in the face. Katie moaned loudly.

"I think that, I'll have to swap them over, don't you," said Andy.

"Oh no sir please don't," sobbed Shannon.

Andy pressed the end of the clip to open it. Shannon's body went ridged as the pain returned to her nipple. She gasped and let out a loud whine. Andy smiled and opened the clip from the other nipple. "Ow!" cried Shannon.

"Now that's better isn't it, hurts a lot more I bet. Now to put them back on." Said Andy.

"No please," moaned Shannon, and the top half of her body turned away.

Andy took hold of her hair and said, "Now I'll have none of that Fuck Bunny, I want you to ask me to put them back on you, or I'll have to punish you more okay."

Shannon sniffed, "Oh, please," she moaned, "Please put them back on sir."

Andy let go of the child's hair, he stroked her face then looked up at Teri, "Wipe yourself on her hair, then go start dinner I'm hungry. "Yes sir," murmured Teri, she reached behind herself and took hold of Katie's hair and rubbed it through her pussy. She then climbed out of the car and headed for the door.

Andy grinned, and opened the clip, he turned to Shannon and closed the sharp teeth around her already sore nipple. Shannon gave a small scream, one foot came up off the floor and she bent over for a few moments before straightening herself back out. Andy smiled opened the second clip and closed it over her other nipple. Shannon gasped and let out a long whine. Her body rocked back and forth for several moments, she drew in short gasping breaths.

Andy smiled and bent over to grab the child by the waist. He lifted her up and stood her into the back of the car, "Now squat over Katie's face and do your piss all over it."

Shannon rather shamefully planted her feet either side of her sister's head and squatted down so that her cunt was only inches from Katie's face. The six-year-old moaned loudly even before the long stream of piss started to hit her face. As Andy watched his little slut piss over her sister, he felt a familiar twinge in his own bladder, he smiled and took hold of his cock and aimed it at Katie's midriff and covered the child with his own piss. There really would be a bad smell locked inside the back of this car. Andy smiled, well the little fuck whore deserved it for pissing herself.


This story is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.